Lawyer Suing Apple Over the Loss of His First Child’s Birth Pictures

Backing up your photos is always a good idea, but if your storage device failed and the photos you lost consisted of some very precious family memories, would you hold the hard drive company responsible? Lawyer Perminder Tung would, which is why he is currently suing Apple over the photos of his first child’s birth that were lost when his Apple Time Capsule failed.

Tung is demanding $25,000 in compensation for both the broken Time Capsule and the lost memories, citing the fact that he should have been eligible for a 2010 recall of the device but was excluded because he bought it in 2008. It’s uncertain how Apple will react to the suit — after all $25,000 must seem like spare change to the Cupertino computing giant — but this case could set a strange precedent regarding who exactly is responsible for your data. Is it you? Or the company that manufactured your storage device?

Whatever the final verdict is, the ultimate lesson is simple: especially where photos are concerned, always have backups of your backups… and then maybe back those up too.

(via GigaOM)

Image credit: Baby Colt 3 by xopherlance