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Nikon D3200 Sample Images Show Noisy Low-Light Performance


The first sample images of the Nikon D3200 have just come out of Nikon France; and although they look great for the most part, the one low-light image confirms suspicions that Nikon may have gone too far putting 24.2-megapixels in the camera. More noticeable on the full-resolution photographs, you can tell that once the ISO is cranked up to about 1600, noise begins to play a significant role.

Here are five of those sample images, including the high ISO photo at the top:

Of course the detail in the images is no less than you would expect from a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, but amateur photographers and theatre moms in search of the perfect low-light shot sans flash may want to invest in some post-production software.

Nikon D3200 (via The Verge)