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Use A Shoot-Through Shade to Eliminate Flare from Rim Lights and the Sun


When working with rim lights, or shooting into a significant backlight, glare becomes a serious issue. The typical solution to this problem is setting up flags on either side of your subject, but who needs flags when you have a spare piece of Coroplast sitting around your studio?

Instead of using flags, Strobist suggests clamping a frame made of black Coroplast or other opaque material to a stand and then using that to frame your shot. You can vary the size and aspect ratio of the cut out to match the lens and camera you’re using, and then flood your subject with as much backlight or rim light as you would like.

Strobist  goes on to explain that it will work much better than a lens shade because of the precise positioning and all around coverage. If you get a chance to use the method, or already have, let us know how it worked for you in the comments down below.

Control Flare from Sun, Rim Lights with a Shoot-Thru Gobo [Strobist]

Image credit: Photograph by David Hobby/Strobist