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Some Instagram Users Unhappy Over Changes to Filters


If you’re a longtime Instagram user that recently upgraded to Version 2, you might have noticed that the filters don’t quite feel the same. Don’t worry, it’s not just you: each of the filters was indeed tweaked in the app’s overhaul. Despite the new live view and faster response times, many users aren’t too happy about the changes that were done to their beloved filters. Owen Billcliffe over at My Glass Eye did a side-by-side comparison between old and new filters to show the differences. The filter shown above, “Lord Kelvin”, has a significantly different look in the new version.

In each of these comparisons, the old version is on the left side.












Billcliffe writes,

Across the board distinctive elements of each filter have been compromised. Filters that were washed out are now more contrasty. Filters that were contrasty are now more washed out. They’ve all drifted towards the same look.

Instagram said that all the filters have been completely re-written to work with the new live preview system and to output far higher resolution images, and it seems to me the re-writes just haven’t nailed the original look. […] Users preferring the social side may not mind much, but I had some favourite filters that just don’t feel the same at all and I know I’m not alone.

Billcliffe has also written up a tutorial on how to revert back to version 1. Judging from the comments left on his blog post, he isn’t alone in his disappointment. Charlie Sorrel over at Wired has also written a post with the title, “Instagram 2 Ruins Almost Everything“.

Perhaps it would have been wise for Instagram to offer an “old filter/slow operation” choice in addition to having the app run faster with the new filters.

Instagram 2.0 review: Insta-grumble [my glass eye]

Image credits: Photographs by Owen Billcliffe and used with permission