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What if Steve Jobs was the CEO of a Camera Company?

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Suppose Apple hadn’t abandoned its digital camera business. What effect would Steve Jobs and his team have had on the cameras we use today? Photo enthusiast Karim Ghantous thought about this recently, and came up with the following list of things he thinks Jobs might have pushed for.

  • Filter threads would have died out 20 years ago
  • There would be no under-performing lenses and all would have neutral or pleasant bokeh.
  • DSLRs would not have an LCD on the top panel.
  • Professional DSLRs would have fewer features (e.g. no ‘art’ filters etc.). They would allow third-party software ‘applets’ for such things but the applets would never be allowed to move, delete or modify captured images, nor would they be allowed to interfere with the camera’s controls.
  • Pro bodies would have always had dual SD card slots.
  • Lenses would allow manual focus and zoom but would not have aperture rings (as is the case now)
  • Materials used for construction would be chosen on the basis of best suitability. Plastic would not be shunned by default but not used for the sake of cost-cutting; transparent ceramics might be used as well.
  • No more 3:2 aspect ratio. All sensors would be 4:3 with optional 16:9 mode.

What do you think a Jobs-led camera manufacturer would promote?

Image credit: Steve Jobs by marcopako  and Quicktake by Redjar

1 Comment