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Google Takeout Liberates Your Photos from Picasa If You Ever Need To


One of the gripes some people have with Flickr is that it doesn’t offer an easy way to download your complete collection of photos if you ever want to move your images elsewhere (though, hopefully you’re not using it as your only backup). Furthermore, if your Pro account ever expires, you can’t even access more than 200 of your old images without resubscribing. Google’s Picasa users won’t ever have this problem with the launch of a new service called Google Takeout, which allows you to download all your photos (and any other data you have stored with Google) as a single ZIP file.

Google Takeout gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can always pack up and leave if you want to… though Google will do their best to make sure you never will.

Google Takeout (via Mashable)