Pentax Embraces Customizability with LEGO-Style Blocks and Skins

Pentax is trying all sorts of ways to differentiate its cameras from the 800-pound gorillas in the camera market, and apparently thinks customization is the best way to go. After allowing customizer the colors on traditionally boring-looking DSLRs with their K-x, they’ve just announced two new compact cameras that allow users to choose their own style.

The new NB1000 (Shown above. NB stands for Nanoblock) is a camera that has a surface that resembles a LEGO plate, allowing all sorts of weird camera designs and shapes via special LEGO-esque Nanoblocks. For example, you could turn your compact camera into what looks roughly like a DSLR if you wanted to. Or you could just attach random animals to the face of your camera…

There’s no word on whether the camera will be available outside Japan, but for the Japanese the camera will cost about $240.

Pentax also announced the RS1000, a camera that comes with a clear faceplate that allows you to use customized skins. The camera ships with 11 different skins included, and also a program called Pentax Personal Skin Designer that allows you to design and print your own skins.

I wonder how many people will buy this camera and skin it to look like some other camera.

The camera will be available starting in October for $150.

P.S. In case you’re interested in the not-very-exciting specs, here they are: the NB1000 and RS1000 are both 14 megapixel cameras with HD video recording and a 3 inch LCDs.