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Nikon’s New S1100pj Doubles as a Pico Projector, S5100 Less Interesting

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Nikon just announced two new Coolpix cameras today: the S1100pj and the S5100. The S1100pj (pictured in this post) is an update to the S1000pj projector camera, with an increased brightness of 14 lumens (up from 10), a thinner form factor, and the ability to become a tiny projector for your computer via USB. This allows you to project whatever is on your computer screen onto a nearby wall… with your digital camera. How crazy is that?

The S1100pj now has a dial on the top that allows you to adjust the projector’s focus:

Control has been simplified, with many of the features moved to a new 3-inch touchscreen display. In terms of specs, the camera boasts 14-megapixels, 720p video recording, ISO 6400 sensitivity, 5x optical zoom, and face detection. The price has also dropped $100 to $349.

The second camera announced today, the Nikon S5100, is far less interesting. It’s a pretty standard update to previous models, with a 12.1 megapixel sensor, ISO 3200 sensitivity, 720p video recording, and 5x optical zoom. The price is pretty tempting though: it’ll sell for $179 when it’s out in October.

We didn’t mention it here, but these two cameras were also published early last week by a German photo mag along with the Nikon D3100. The specs were spot on, so the D3100 info was probably correct as well.

Update: Here are a couple TV spots for the S1100pj:

1 Comment