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Make a Nifty Soda Can Fisheye Lens


Bhautik Joshi, the guy who made the Phone-O-Scope that we tweeted a while ago, has a new do-it-yourself project for those of you who enjoy this kind of hack-ish photography project.

His latest project involves building a cheap fisheye lens using a peephole lens and a soda can.

Here are some sample photographs taken with the “tin cam”:

Built using a fisheye peephole as the main lens element and a decapitated soda can as the lens body (!), this attaches directly to my SLR camera. For well under US$20, I ended up with a lens that has nearly a 180-degree field-of-view, adjustable focus, a canon EOS mount, and due to it’s stylish and sleek exterior, can generate limitless amounts of admiration ridicule confusion.

To learn how to build one of these for yourself, head on over to the tutorial through the following link:

The fisheye tin cam (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Bhautik Joshi and used with permission