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Noise Ninja Winners Announced

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Sorry for not picking and announcing the Noise Ninja giveaway winners last night as I said I would. I just moved back to Berkeley for graduate studies in CS, and my new place doesn’t have Internet yet. I finally got some Internet access now, sitting in the East Asian Library on campus:


So, the giveaway has ended, and we received a total of 95 comment entries and 67 entries through twitter for a total of 162 entries. The three numbers (and winners) that I randomly selected are:

#155: Bob Snyder (@fordan)

A Snow Leopard. I heard there’s a cool new operating system modeled after it!

#132: Joe Reding (@JoeReding)

If I could be any animal I wanted to be I would be an owl.

#110: Treasa Lynch (@treasa)

I’d like to be a bat, today, at least.

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your Noise Ninja license.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Also, I’ll be giving away something pretty awesome in the coming days to celebrate PetaPixel crossing the 10,000 follower mark on Twitter. Stay tuned!

Some other interesting responses we received:

ivoryhut (website)

I’d be a panda bear and pinch my own cheeks all day. I’d have to figure out how to work a camera remote, though, for all those pictures I’ll be wanting to take of myself. Before I go extinct.

micahtaylor (website)

For sure a Three-toed sloth. It’s like a Wookie in real life.

Rob Goldberg (@rob_goldberg)

If I could be an animal I would be an Organ Oak. Also known in some parts of the world as a Kangaroo (at least those parts of the world that don’t speak in anagrams).

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