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Red is the New Black? Nikon Goes Colorful with the D3100

DSLRs are finding their way into more and more consumers’ hands, and apparently many of those consumers are tired of the standard black look. Just months after Canon announced the Rebel T3 in red, Nikon is following suit with its entry level D3100 — the first Nikon DSLR to be available in a color other than black or silver. Aside from the new paint job, the camera’s specs are identical to the black version.

Nikon D3100 (via Nikon Rumors)

Oprah Picks the Nikon D3100 as One of Her Favorite Things

During her “Ultimate Favorite Things 2010″ this past Friday, Oprah revealed the Nikon D3100 as one of her favorite things, and gave one to each member of the audience. As one of the most influential people in the world, the Oprah Effect should definitely give Nikon a huge boost in sales of the camera, just like Michelle Obama does for fashion companies with her outfits.
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Nikon D3100 Continuous Autofocus Tests

One of the features that Nikon emphasized when they announced the D3100 was HD video with continuous autofocus, the first of its kind in DSLRs. Sure it sounded great on paper, but how well does it work in the real world? Here are a couple videos showing the D3100’s continuous autofocus in action, created by Oscar Cheng.

I don’t know about you, but my impression is that the focus hunts too much, is too slow, and is too loud. Maybe (hopefully) this is due to using a bad lens in low light?
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Nikon Officially Announces D3100 and Four New Lenses

After an eternity of rumors and leaks, Nikon has just officially announced the D3100, an entry-level DX format DSLR replacement to the D3000. The main selling point is 1080p video recording at 24fps in h.264 with continuous autofocus, a new feature for DSLR cameras. The 14.2 megapixel camera has 11 autofocus points, a 3-inch LCD screen, an ISO range of 100 to 3200 (can be expanded to 12,800), and 3 FPS shooting. The camera will be out in September at the price of $699, bundled with a 18-55mm VR kit lens.
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German Photo Magazine Leaks Nikon D3100 Specs and Pictures

German photography magazine Foto Digital let the cat out of the bag today when it sent its September issue out to subscribers, along with photographs and specs of the yet-unannounced Nikon D3100. Nikon Rumors broke the story, and published some scans of the magazine.
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Canon 60D and Nikon D3100 Rumors Heating Up, Release Imminent

With Photokina 2010 just around the corner, rumors regarding soon-to-be-announced DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon are swirling around the blogosphere, and certain facts about the cameras seem to be getting clearer.

Canon 60D

A source tells me that Canon will be showing off a few new cameras at private events on August 30th and 31st. This fits nicely with the rumor that Canon will be unveiling the 60D at a press event on August 26th. My guess is that the 60D will be announced at a press event by the end of this month, and that the Canon 1Ds Mark IV will be unveiled late September.

The 60D is rumored to be a 18 megapixel camera with a tilt-screen and heavy emphasis on video recording.

The source also stated that we will be seeing a S90 replacement and possibly a G11 replacement as well.

Nikon D3100

According to Nikon Rumors, this camera is already listed in the Best Buy inventory system, with the SKU 1222817 and the title “Nikon D3100 DSLR w/ 18-55mm v”. They also report that the camera will be announced August 19th, exactly one week before Canon’s event.

The D3100 is rumored to be a 14 megapixel camera with continuous autofocus during video recording and 3fps for still frames.

Other Gear

Aside from the tilt-screen rumor, there doesn’t seem to be too much that’s groundbreaking about these upcoming announcements. However, Canon Rumors received a tip saying that the upcoming PowerShot will be “revolutionary”.

That seems a lot more interesting to us. We’ll update you if we hear more about this, but we’ll probably know everything within the next few weeks.

Nikon D3100 Official Announcement Coming August 19th

If you’ve been impatiently twiddling your fingers, waiting for Nikon to bust out new DSLR cameras and lenses, your wait is almost over. Nikon is planning is planning to announce the successor of the D3000 — the D3100 — on August 19th, 2010, along with four new lenses.

The Nikon D3100 is expected to have a 10 megapixel sensor, shoot at 3 fps, and have the ability to shoot HD video with continuous autofocus.

The lenses are expected to be a new 85mm f/1.4, a 24-120mm f/4, a new 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 FX, and an upgraded 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6.

Nikon has been pretty quiet as of late, so hopefully these announcements just the first of many interesting unveilings!

(via Nikon Rumors)