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BTS: Dave Hill Makes a Composite Poster Photo Using an iPhone and VSCO


Photographer Dave Hill has launched the world’s first Instagram TV show, a science fiction series called Desert Friends. Created as “a side project with some friends,” the show comes in short 15 second episodes and is about three friends who “are warped to a distant galaxy and need to get home.”
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Behind the Scenes Creating A Moving Still With Dave Hill

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional moving still is put together, this behind-the-scenes video of Dave Hill‘s shoot for Fiat should shed a little light on the matter. The final product is a composite mix of stills shot using a 5D Mark II and a Hasselblad H3D-50, and high-speed video shot using a Phantom Flex and a Phantom Gold.

(via ISO1200)

Behind the Scenes at a Ford Fusion Ad Campaign Shoot with Dave Hill

This behind the scenes video shows photographer Dave Hill shooting a very complicated composite shot for a Ford Fusion ad. Not every one of the photos you see him working on in the video made it into the final composites, which you can see here, but you’ve got to appreciate the amount of work something like this takes to get right; not just in post-production, but during the shoot as well.

(via Fstoppers)

Dave Hill Photographs Deconstructed

Los Angeles-based photographer Dave Hill created this video showing all 11 photographs in his Adventure series deconstructed, giving us a glimpse of how they were put together. Hill lights and shoots different portions of his photographs separately, then combines them all into a single image using crazy Photoshop skills. Reminds me of Disney’s amazing multi-plane camera.

Adventure Series (via Strobist via PhotoWeeklyOnline)