Gorgeous and Very Rare Leica MP Titanium Available for the First Time Outside of Japan


In April of 2007, to commemorate their first anniversary, the Leica Store Ginza in Tokyo, Japan released the beautiful camera above: a Leica MP Titanium limited edition that was only created in a single run of only 150.

Since then, the only place to get one of these has been at the Ginza store in Tokyo. But now, buyers outside of Japan have the rare opportunity to grab one of these gorgeous shooters through the Leica Store Miami… assuming, of course, that you’ve got $40,000 to drop on a film camera.

Like the M7 and M9 Titanium before it, all of the metal parts and fittings are made of titanium — even the body cap and ISO wheel on the back.

Here’s a closer look at this titanium beauty:







The Leica Store Miami calls this camera — number 39 of 150, in case you were wondering — “one of the rarest and most beautiful modern M cameras that Leica has ever produced.” And as such, it doesn’t come cheap.

Only ever owned by one person and never used, the mint-condition camera will cost you nearly $40,000, which will snag you the camera, titanium body cap, signed certificate of authenticity, Leica Barnack Club card, extra battery cover (slotted), test certificate, warranty card, instruction manuals, leather Leica neck strap, inner presentation box, two spare base plate plastic films, and original outer box.

To find out more about the camera or if you’d like to give your bank account some breathing room, head over to the Leica Store Miami listing by clicking here.

(via Leica News & Rumors)

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  • Slaven Smolčić

    Bla bla bla bla…1000000000$ aaaaaand sold to the gentleman in first line! :-)

  • David Guerra

    The value for money of this object is of such calibre, that that it should be sold on the Bijan store.

  • GPH Visual Artist

    “Never Used” – owner couldn’t figure out where to put their memory card.

  • Peter “Pots”

    No doubt someone will snap it up…for that kind of money, I would rather have the new ‘blad. It wouldn’t even cover the price of the body and a couple of lenses.

  • Geneva Thomas

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