A Lens-Inspired Wedding Ring Designed for Love-Struck Photographers


Are you so crazy in love with photography that you would wear a lens-inspired wedding ring on your finger? If so, alternative ring company Titanium Buzz has a wedding band just for you.

The company has just launched a new product called the Camera Lens Ring. It’s a simple ring that looks like something torn from the middle of a camera lens.


Kevin Begola of Titanium Buzz tells us that the ring was designed for “photographers who are getting married or have a passion for their work.” The company came up with the design by studying various camera lenses and picking out certain generic features common among lenses.

On the side of the ring is an AF/MF autofocus toggle switch, and the ring looks likely like the bottom of a lens when the mount-side cap is attached.


Each 10mm-wide ring is made to order in the United States, and is available in any size (including 1/2 and 1/4 sizes) between 4 and 16.

Material-wise, the ring is made out of zirconium, a natural element that is very similar to titanium. When it’s heated up (e.g. cooked or baked), the metal forms a natural black coating across the surface of the ring.

The inside of the ring can be personalized with a laser engraving of up to 25 characters.


If everything up to this point sounded good to you, here’s where you’ll want to brace yourself a bit: buying one of these rings will set you back $329. It’s not a bad price when it comes to purchases made for weddings, but it’s probably not something you’d pay for a casual fashion accessory or as a novelty gift.

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P.S. Back in 2011, we shared a matching wedding band set that was inspired by Leica equipment. The two rings even had a miniature Leica M3 to hold them!

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