Photographer Gives Us an Inside Look at Meghalaya, India, ‘The Wettest Place On Earth’


New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple is a name you might recognize from his intimate look inside Iran that we shared just over a year ago. Today, he’s back on PetaPixel with a series of stunning images from Meghalaya, India — a village known as ‘the wettest place on Earth.’


In case you’re wondering, that statement is no exaggeration: on average, Meghalaya receives 467 inches of rain per year. And while this makes it a miserable photography location for many reasons, it also makes it one of the most unique places you could possibly shoot.

In order to combat the constant downpours, the laborers of the village wear knups, which are umbrella-type hats made from bamboo and banana leaves that keep the rain from drenching them as they go about their daily routines:


Another intriguing characteristic of the Meghalaya community is the use of natural bridges. By ‘training’ the roots and branches of trees, villagers have created a vast infrastructure of living bridges that span rivers and more.

As time goes on, these roots continue to develop and grow stronger, making the bridge itself even sturdier… no maintenance required.


Chapple captures the essence of Meghalaya in an almost cinematic manner, portraying the rain-soaked day-to-day life of the village’s inhabitants in a truly enchanting set of photographs:















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(via The Atlantic)

Image credits: Photographs by Amos Chapple and used with permission

  • OtterMatt

    Those bridges are amazing. Fantastic shots.

  • Aezreth

    Very nice photos and interesting subject matter.

  • Lois Bryan

    beautiful photography

  • Kunal Khullar

    The text seems misleading. Meghalaya is a state in the north-east part of India. There are villages in that state which receive the highest rainfall in the world. Nonetheless, great pictures.

  • Chang 场河

    Fantastic. It’s like something from a dream.

  • Sujeet Deshpande

    FYI Meghalaya is a state in India and not a village as the author would have us believe. Just goes to show his ignorance of any other country than his own village perhaps.

  • El Dhar

    @sujeetdeshpande:disqus I agree with you. This article if I may term it so, reflects bad research and negligence. I am a resident of Shillong the capital of Meghalaya. And I don’t mean to be too harsh but the photographs do not really do complete justice. There is no depth it’s as impressive only as the annual Meghalaya Calendar itself. I am not impressed… with all due respect to Amos Chapple I think he could have dug deeper spent more time getting to know the place.

  • Binoy Mishra

    Well you are right reagrding the lack of depth but I doubt if it was possible for him to “dig deeper” and get more photos. Most certainly he would have been caught by the extremists and then killed or worse, kept in captivity and tortured. Meghalaya is a beautiful place but these morons make it a terrifying place to visit.