Fujifilm Packs EVF, Tilting Screen, WiFi and a Whole Lot More Into New X30 Compact


After many a rumor and photo leak, Fujifilm has officially released the followup to its popular X20 premium compact. Appropriately dubbed the X30, this is no meager update, sporting an EVF, build-in WiFi, a better LCD, better battery and more.

Changes on the outside are minor. You’ll notice a redesigned grip, a second control ring on the lens and a slightly “sleeker” look, but the aesthetics are mostly left alone. The major updates came on the internals; specifically the interface.


While the sensor and lens are unchanged — still a 12-megapixel 2/3-inch X-Trans II CMOS sensor and 4x 28-112mm equivalent f/2.0-2.8 lens — the entire interface has been overhauled. WiFi is now built in; the LCD has been updated to 3-inches, 920K-dots and is now tiltable; and instead of an optical viewfinder you’ll find a 0.65 magnification, 2.36M-dot OLED viewfinder with a 0.005-second lag time.

Fuji has also added a “Classic Chrome” film simulation mode that promises “muted tones and deep color reproduction,” and greatly improved the camera’s battery life thanks to a new battery pack that charges in-camera.

Here’s a closer look at the X30:




The Fuji X30 is set to arrive on store shelves in September in your choice of black or silver/black for $600. You can dive into the nitty gritty details and press speak on the camera by reading the full press release here, or pre-order yours in either black or black/silver at B&H Photo.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Only if it was a 1″ sensor…

  • MJ Coffey

    Agreed. However, the current sensor inside the X20/X30 is far away from being bad!

    As for the X30, Fuji has done a good job at updating its ‘premium compact’ camera. I doubt a lot of people will actually miss the lack of the OVF found inside the X20.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I agree, I think the camera is outstanding for its class, but I had the X20 and decided to sell it because the RAW files were awful, so much smearing effect that some scenes looked like water painting. Now I am curious if Fuji did tweak the RAW files at all. I’m happy with the results I get from my X100, but it is nice that Fuji did finally make the video mode better on the X30, complete with manual focus..I could see it being a decent little video camera too.

  • Simson Petrol

    I’d love one of those as an “always with me in my pocket camera”, especially on festivals, parties , walking my dog…etc…where I don’t want to carry my XP1, but the x30 is actually too big for this purpose. And the xQ1 is too expensive here in GER (at least last time I checked)…

  • Graf Almassy

    Compact cameras isn’t made for pixel peepers. if you want perfect image quiality at 10000%, you should buy medium format stuffs.

  • Stan B.

    Very disappointing- same size sensor, and cute retro look… gone! Rather go with the Sony RX100…

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I’m not much of a pixel peeper, I could CLEARLY see the smearing when zoomed out to normal view. Not every shot is like that, but its enough to be distracting. I liked my X20, still think its a great camera..but when you shot a DSLR for many years you tend to compare them and you really can’t.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I’d say the new Sony RX100III would be a better pocket camera and you’re packing a 1″ sensor in your pocket.

  • Graf Almassy

    Then buy a Sony RX100 III. :)

  • Nicholas Erwin

    But I got a X100 :P

  • Graf Almassy

    What’s wrong with you? :D X100 is superb and lightweight. X100 is the very best “compact” camera! :) You shouldn’t care about the X20.

  • David Campbell

    I’m a satisfied X20 user. The X30’s new features are a nice incremental improvement, but not enough to make me want to spend the money on an upgrade. Honestly, a 1″ sensor would have probably accomplished that because improved image detail and high ISO performance are the two biggest wishes I have with my X20. I’ll wait for the X40 or upgrade to an X100S.

  • Scott Stacy

    guess ill start waiting for the x40 ;/

  • Ørjan Laxaa

    The black one looks like something out of Batman. I like it.

    However, like others have commented before me, the sensor size hurts the overall image(no pun intended) of this camera. X-Trans is probably great, but this camera is bigger than the GM1. And that has a mFT sensor.