Atlantic City Pro-Casino Group Takes Heat After Full-Page Ad Photoshop Fail


The Atlantic City Alliance, a non-profit group supported by casinos that attempts to get you to spend more at casinos, is in some hot water after they purchased and published a full-page ad that appeared in the Star-Ledger, WSJ and Philadelphia Inquirer.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem. But after some readers took a closer look, the issue was brought to life when it was noticed that the image in the ad was a rather blatant Photoshopping attempt.


In an effort to combat rough headlines that have been critical of the casino business and industry in the area, the ACA thought a full-page ad with a photograph showing how much fun could be had be might help their cause. However, upon closer inspection of the photograph present in the ad, it’s rather obvious that a number of individuals within the frame were cloned throughout to make the Lady Antebellum concert pictured seem more full than it actually was.

After being called out, Jeff Guaracino, the ACA’s chief strategy and communications officer, told the Press of Atlantic City, “It didn’t alter the message. A picture is worth a thousand words and the ridiculousness of the question is the picture shows what was here.”

He carried on in the statement, “If there were 500 people here and it made it look like more, then [debating it’s authenticity is] a valid question.“ Specifically, he says the point of the image was to show “three vantage points to make a statement. No additional altering was done.”

Take from it what you will. But whether it was truly a panorama gone wrong or sad attempt at a Photoshop job, the image has certainly been drawing attention in the worst of ways for both a group and industry already in trouble.

(via Gothamist)

  • CJ Jacobs

    Seriously, why is this nonsense non-issue post worthy?

  • bob cooley

    The key words here are “full-page ad”. It’s advertising. If it were an editorial photo, then it would be an issue – advertising, a non-issue.

  • Realspear

    Next up – woman in clothing ad has been Photoshopped.

  • csmif

    false advertising? no way…that NEVER happens!

  • Duh

    soooo, seriously you need a closer inspection to find out that image was indeed altered in PS ?? Is this a serious photo mag ???? anyway dude, that is called ADVERTISING. It happns every day. Everywhere

  • 423234234

    did they hire korean photoshoper?

  • Trevor Dennis

    I love how they forgot to resize to take account of perspective. The yellow ring man appears to be the size of a small house compared to the people around him.

  • Wuz nt Me

    They hired one better than the one the whitehouse hired for Obama’s birth certificate.

  • David Worthington

    Guy paid to create big pic fails and fixes it in Photoshop. Shocker

  • TedCrunch

    The whole point of advertising is to get you to buy something you might not buy, otherwise. And if they have to deceive you into buying their product, they’ll do that. Let the buyer beware.

  • Dragan Jereminov

    Actually i think what happend here is Lightroom synching the spot removal tool. It happens to me sometimes and its annoying as hell when happens and a photo is already published. Anyway its a fcn add it can be whatever…

  • kassim

    Dude, it’s an advertisement. What did you expect.

  • Renato Murakami

    You know what’s way more ridiculous than the photoshop job itself on an advertising campaign? This: “a non-profit group supported by casinos that attempts to get you to spend more at casinos”. HA!

  • TSY87

    This is definitely photography related, I’m sure some people have done commercial work where the client asked for something like this. This can serve as a warning that people are able to pick up on these errors more than you think…

    Also, there just isn’t THAT much photography news going on all the time. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t click.

  • bbear

    :: smacks forehead :: I’ve done this. And I couldn’t figure out why the same splodge appeared in a hundred different photos. :( Definitely one of the more dangerous tools in Lightroom that I always make sure is turned off now!

  • Isaac

    just completely ignoring the crowd dissolving into sand? Like, maybe that happened on camera…

  • Ken Shields

    Apart from any debatable moral dilemmas thrown up by the image, the editing work is at best amateurish, and at worst pathetic. There’s no need to go any further into the shot than the first row, where the lady in the black T-shirt has had her left arm removed, before being cloned over to the right, below the stage.

    Sometimes we miss the things right in front of our eyes!

  • Graf Almassy

    Because it’s august. The news market is totally dead in this period of the year.

  • Alan Klughammer

    Why doesn’t Lightroom use the same healing brush as Photoshop, or even better, content aware fill…

  • Guest

    To those commenting: “it’s just an ad”, I offer that this is not as innocent a phenomenon as that construction would imply. It is an image presented as a photograph of an actual event – and it is lying about it. Stretching the truth to promote a product is not a new thing, but this image goes further than that by suggesting that Woodstock-sized crowds are swarming the beaches because this wonderful resort is just that popular.

  • Matt

    Please keep your political fantasies out of here.

  • Matt

    It is an ad about cosino’s, so kind of expecting it to be false…

  • giovanni

    Why is this news? Someone altered an image for an advertisement?!?!?! 3 minutes I’ll never get back…

  • Wuz nt Me

    Please stay blind to the obvious.

  • Anonymoused

    I don’t see people questioning the type of nonsense that goes into photographing food for ads. Why does this matter, and who is dense enough to get upset about it?