GoPro Captures Itself Getting Eaten and Destroyed by a Fox

GoPros are tough little cameras. But, as one hiker experienced first hand, they’re not indestructable, despite some rather intense encounters in the past.

While hiking on Round Island, Alaska, a man spotted a fox, whom he wanted to get a closer look at. He decided to set up his GoPro on the ground, anticipating the fox would be intrigued by the device and hopefully capture a close-up. And while he did get the close-up he wanted with the GoPro, he also got a little more than he bargained for.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 3.18.52 PM

Emerging from the surrounding terrain, the fox ever-so-sneakily takes a look at the camera and quickly decides it might make for a tasty snack. Recording through the entire event, the video captured by the GoPro shows it getting violently disassembled piece by piece at the mercy of the rather adorable little fox, all while the hiker tries to discourage the fox from doing so.

After the fox had its fun with the camera, the hiker set out to find it. It took eight minutes, but he eventually found it – and not in the best of shape.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 3.20.43 PM

The sly little fox managed to rip off the casing of the GoPro, leaving the internals exposed and lens cracked. Despite the parts being ripped off though, the hiker reports that all pieces were found, meaning the fox didn’t swallow anything it shouldn’t have.

Shared under YouTuber TheOpenLens, the video description appears as an open letter of sorts to GoPro, with a vague sense of desire for them to replace or repair it pro bono. But there’s no word yet on whether or not that will be the case.

(via KGUN9)

  • CJ Jacobs

    He should be arrested for disturbing nature and harming an animal. Because it’s more than likely that the fox did indeed swallow some piece of it. He purposely set up a situation with the hopes of having the fox “interact” with the camera.

  • Ralph Hightower

    New medical procedure for doctors: Here, swallow this GoPro camera and we’ll take video as it heads down to your stomach.

  • Mako

    Do Foxes not have taste buds ?

  • Mike

    Do gopros have a taste?

  • Mike

    Wow, no cavities!

  • Mako

    No really … so I wonder why it chomped for so long. Left over bacon grease from breakfast maybe. :-)

  • spiralphoto

    Yeeeeaaah….this is what the CASE is for.

  • Łukasz Hachuła

    Cha ching :)

  • Stephen S.

    I personally doubt that he merely “set up his GoPro…anticipating the fox would be intrigued.” The fox makes a beeline for the camera. It looks to me like it was attracted by something.

    Hey, I’m not a zoologist. Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t buy many of these stories about, “I set my GoPro down and an animal got curious. No way did I rub hamburger on it!”

  • Vicente Fox

    what does the fox say?

  • whisky

    er, sensational headlines aside, NOT destroyed. just defaced.

  • whoopn

    I knew there would be an environmentalist that would love to make an example out of someone for this. Hats off to your predictable nature there…

  • Damean Ravichandra

    Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom No Nom Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack Cra Crack?

  • Richard

    Who owns the copyright to the video? The fox, the man, or someone/thing else?

  • Jason Muspratt

    You could almost set up an entirely separate site that is just “Something happened to a Go Pro” stories.

  • Gatot Jaka Timur

    so its chew-able….

  • Vin Weathermon


  • Vin Weathermon

    LOL….was thinking the same thing…

  • Peter Croft

    21st Century Fox! So this is what Fox-TV looks like.

  • Truelight

    My what big teeth you have grandma!

  • sachin

    Highly agree with CJ Jacobs . People please do not disturb nature.

  • Eden Wong

    Do people like you and sachin ever actually leave the city? Ever?

  • uni


  • Kristian H. Nielsen

    Maybe he kept the Gopro in his backpack next to his lunch? I can’t imagen a fox being this eager to get his paws on a Gopro unless it smells a bit like ham.

  • SwedishKiwi

    Not long ago, I underwent a small bowel biopsy. Considering the size of that tube they stuck down my throat, a GoPro could’ve been easier to swallow.

  • Rymzor

    lmao arrested? you are an idiot.

    internet naturalists everybody….

  • Chris Backe

    It’s called the waterproof case.
    Try one next time.

  • stevenhook

    It doesn’t look like the go pro was in a case. They only indestructible when they in their case. If he did “set it up” it would definitely have been more protected.. IMOHO

  • ashlee

    he put his camera on the ground to get footage of the fox….it wasnt his intentions for the fox to try to eat it. im sure the dude was pissed he just ruined his $500 camera

  • xumi

    People bite pens, even when they have no flavor.

  • xumi

    lol, thought the very same