Video: A Brief History of George Eastman and His Immeasurable Impact on Photography

Here’s a fascinating little photography history lesson for you, and it’ll only take up two minutes and fifty seconds of your time. Put together by Engineer Guy Bill Hammack, the video above tells the remarkable story of George Eastman, and how he revolutionized photography.

And, despite the short running time, Hammack doesn’t miss much. From Eastman’s dissatisfaction with the wet plate method, to the invention of film, to the revolutionary Kodak brownie and, finally, to his parting words before he took his own life, all of the major milestones are covered.

It’ll only take you three minutes to watch, and it’ll be three minutes well spent. Happy hump day.

(via Laughing Squid)

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    What a great man and great company. It used to be a great company. How in the world did the super smart MBA’s that were killing that company miss the digital revolution?