Limited Edition ‘Gold Supreme’ Hasselblad 503CW Pops Up on eBay for $10k

red1-680x450While 35mm lovers had their chance late last year to pick up a gold-plated camera, today we have some love for those of you looking to drop a cool $10k on a medium format camera. It’s not just any medium format though. It’s the last of the 500 limited edition ‘Gold Supreme’ Hasselblad 503CW. And it can be yours for the ‘Buy It Now’ price of only $10,000, on Ebay.


Complete with a 80mm f/2.8, a gold A12 magazine, a ‘gold ring’ UV-sky (1a) filter and all of the accompanying accessories, this #500/500 camera features Ron Burgundy red burgundy leatherette on a 24 karat gold-plated body.

As for how this unused, limited edition model came up for sale, it states in the product description on Ebay that Hasselblad kept this final model of the limited run and gave it out as a 50th anniversary award. The recipient was Mr. Bruce Monk, a retired dancer, choreographer, and dance photographer from Vancouver, Canada. The individual selling this beauty on Ebay acquired the camera from Monk, “a lot of years ago,” according to the text within the auction page.


The condition of the camera is mint, as it’s never fired a shot in its life. So, whether you’re looking to just put it on a shelf, never to fire a shot with it, or you’re looking to walk around and fire it off on your travels, it’s sure to get the job done. Granted, you might get a few more glares than most others walking around with a camera in their hand.

If your wallet is feeling heavy and your heart is craving putting a few rolls of 120 through this baby, you can either make an offer or drop the $10k for the ‘Buy It Now’ price. Free shipping on this makes the offer even more enticing.

(via Steve Huff Photo)

  • Felix

    What a sweet looking beauty.

  • Chang

    Opulence, I has it.

  • genotypewriter

    A lot of people seem to be unfamiliar with how ebay actually works… I.e. between sellers and buyers… especially when it comes to rare/unusual/limited availability items.

    There are heaps of items that take offers listed for sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars but it doesn’t mean sellers are genuinely expecting those prices. A high price makes their listings stand out from the incorrectly listed smaller items (e.g. memory cards, filters, cleaning kits, etc.) when people search for things. So the real culprits are those who make listings in the wrong categories.

  • Rich Maher

    Dear Santa

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Dear money…

  • Tiktian C

    that’s not actually that absurdly high, hasselblad mkwe’s get listed for wayyy higher ‘buy it now’ prices

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to use it to shoot poorly lit gnomes with printed fake bokeh backgrounds

  • Jason Yuen

    Is there anything particularly special about this camera other than its price? If not then it’s not that special. I am currently selling a Leica M6 Schmidt Centenary and a Leica M6 Ein Stuck on Fred Miranada both totaling 20k.