Free iOS App Makes For Considerate Smartphone Photography at Concerts


A new camera app for iOS is looking to minimize distractions for concertgoers across the globe. It’s called Kimd and its unique set of features ensure that when you or others are snapping up that perfect Instagram moment, you won’t be taking away the quality of the concert for others.


Specifically, Kimd features a special low-brightness setting, disables the flash and allows for easy one-tap capture so you don’t need to worry with looking for the right buttons on the screen. All of these features together, combined with the gestural UI means that both you and those behind you are far less distracted when you’re trying to snap up a photo (or ten) of your favorite artist.

Kimd is available for free in the iOS App Store, so be sure to go give it a download.

(via TrendHunter)

  • OtterMatt

    Seems more productive and better sense to just ban smartphone photography at concerts. No one wants to see your underexposed, blurry, distorted audio recording.

  • Gannon Burgett

    I think the problem here is that every single one of these photos acts as free viral marketing for the bands (ergo their labels, too). I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing them banned, but I don’t see that happening.

  • Will

    The problem is not the considerate people, but the inconsiderate people who will not take using an app such as this into consideration.

  • Gare Bare

    Serious question, no flaming necessary… Is it really that difficult to turn down the screen brightness on an IOS phone?

  • Kara Wise

    Kimd is way darker than simply turning down the brightness thought. You should test :)

  • Marco Rhl

    People actually think the scren brightness is the main issue? It’s not.

    I couldn’t care less about screen brightness, but I’m now seeing bands asking people to put the phones down. It’s not because of the flash or screen brightness, it’s just because you have 10,000 people in front of you, half of which is taking a selfie, photographing the stage and actually not giving a crap about the gig itself.

    The bands are like background noise. Plus, if I have 1000 smartphones blocking my view I couldn’t care less about how bright they are.