Photo Assistant Takes a Spin in 5G Centrifuge in the Name of Awesome Portraiture

The video above is either an example of why being a big time photographer’s assistant is the best or worst job in the world, but we’ll let you make that distinction.

While on assignment for Wired UK, photographer Chris Crisman was kind enough to use his assistant Robert Luessen as a model… for a portrait taken immediately after stepping out of a ride in a 5G human centrifuge.

Again, either the best or worst job in the world. In the video you see how Luessen struggles to cope with the pressure as the Gs snap from 1 to 3, and then the footage cuts straight to the moment when he hits 5Gs and then slowly winds down.

This portrait, taken immediately after he stepped out, actually lead the article on space health in Wired UK that Crisman and his team were shooting for:


Our personal favorite part of the video is at the end, as the centrifuge is winding down, when Luessen tells Crisman to “get your camera ready.” The man just hit 5Gs and his first thought is still about getting the shot… what a bada** assistant!

You can head over to Crisman’s blog to read all about the experience or see more photos, but before you do, let’s have some fun. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever made asked one of your assistants to do while on a shoot? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know.

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  • jaakewilson

    with no back story it’s just a man with a hand over his face.

  • Alan Dove

    “You expect me to pose for a portrait at 5G?”
    “No, Mr. Luessen, I expect you to die.”