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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Ties Huawei P30 Pro for #1 at DxOMark


Samsung and Huawei are #1 and #2 (respectively) in worldwide smartphone market share, and now they’re together at the top of the DxOMark smartphone camera quality test leaderboard. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G just scored the same best-ever score of 112 as the Huawei P30 Pro.

And while its overall camera test score ties Huawei’s offering — the P30 Pro’s Photo score is slightly better due to its 5x telephoto lens — Samsung’s latest top-of-the-line smartphone actually beats the P30 Pro in both video and selfie scores.

What’s interesting is that the S10 5G is the first smartphone to hit the 100 mark in the DxOMark video scores despite the fact that it uses the exact same cameras as the S10+, which only scored 97.

“The biggest change is that Samsung modified the default video recording mode to 4K resolution, which helps improve the phone’s texture, noise, and artifact scores,” DxOMark writes. “The S10 5G’s Photo score also gets a bump, in large part because Samsung has shifted the primary lens it uses for bokeh-enhanced portraits from the wide-angle to the telephoto lens (you can still use the wide-angle if you prefer, though). This helps reduce the distortion caused by shooting portraits at a short focal length.

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei P30 Pro compare in their Photo and Video scores and breakdowns:

Here’s what the latest leaderboard looks like:

“Overall, the Galaxy S10 5G performs slightly better than the excellent S10+ in our tests,” DxOmark writes. “Samsung’s move to 4K default resolution for video, and a beneficial switch to using the telephoto camera for bokeh effects in portrait mode, give the 5G version a 3-point score bump to put it at the very top of all our tested mobile devices.”