Are You Up For a Challenge? Try ‘The 6 Minute Dirty Edit’

The video above is called The 6 Minute Dirty Edit Challenge, and it’s an interesting project/dare by photographer Jeff Rojas. The goal is simple: how much retouching can you possibly get done in just six minutes time.

As the word ‘dirty’ suggests, the final product is not meant to be perfect. It’s just meant to be “good enough” for your average client. However, in the six minutes Rojas gave himself for this challenge, he says he was able to clean up blemishes, accentuate facial features, remove the stray hairs and even enhance the makeup a bit, all with standard Photoshop tools and zero plugins.


Rojas is curious as to how you’ll do in The 6 Minute Dirty Edit Challenge, though. So, whether you screencast or not, go ahead and give it a shot. If you’re feeling really brave, share a before-and-after photo in the comments below.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Alexandra G.

    This is NOT a good challenge because the subject is not that flawed! Give me a REAL challenge!

  • Guest


  • Marie Hopper

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  • Jim Johnson


  • Jeff Rojas

    I <3 You. :P