Humorous Tutorial Explains Why You Suck at Using Clone Stamp and Manual Cloning in Photoshop

Do you suck at Photoshop? No? Well, Donnie Hoyle seems to think so, which is why he put together this wonderful resource detailing how to properly use the clone stamp and manual cloning tools in Photoshop. (Warning: There is some strong language in the video)

There really aren’t words to describe how poetically condescending Hoyle managed to make this demonstration from 2008. Not only is the editing rather well-done throughout, but the narration is a piece of beauty.


At just over three entertaining minutes, it’s a must-watch; however, if you’re easily offended, may I suggest you pass… Hoyle doesn’t shy away from making his thoughts known.

(via Reddit)

  • Renato Murakami

    This whole series is a bit ancient by now, but worth watching all episodes. The entire thing is basically a primer of good Photoshop usage.

  • Bryan Haywood

    Somebody has been running around on Reddit aye?

  • arachnophilia

    petapixel: basically /r/photography + 24 hrs.


    this wasn’t funny at all but sad.

  • Adam Cross

    “sprained your vaginas crying” that’s as far as I got with this video. what a vile human. sexism is not entertaining.

  • Operator

    2008 called, they want their links back!

  • Joy

    All I could really think about is the woman calling out to Donny and what not….

  • disqus_qDY29TiBew

    sprain your vagina more i can’t hear you

  • MEEfO

    Winner. Jesus some people are so sensitive I can’t imagine how they get through the day..

  • Poki

    Not a bad tutorial actually. At least he gets to the point within a minute and tells you why you need the technique.

  • Mik Rose

    Crass humor, but video is very concise and to the point. Personally hate when videos drag into 15 mins for a 2 step tutorial.

  • Candice Montgomery

    Nice that it’s straightforward and to the point, unfortunate that the really lame humor distracts so much.

  • TN

    “DONNY!!! my bags aren’t going to pack themselves…” LMAO =D

  • Alexandra G.

    hahahahahahaha Funny!

  • Marie Hopper

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  • Thomas Kryton

    I have to agree with Adam Cross. While the content my have been very good I too quit at that remark. That kind of general thinking that allows for roughly half the human population to be disenfranchised by devaluing them by their biology really isn’t part of any intelligent discourse or practice.

  • dorothywjenkins

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  • MEEfO

    It was a joke. It’s clearly his schtick–his brand you could even say–to inject a little inappropriate or crude humor into his tutorials to increase retention. If you actually bother to watch the piece instead of judging something by its first few seconds, you would see that like a lot of similar humor, it’s actually self-parody. The character he’s playing is the butt of the joke. This is a time-honored comedy tradition in the vein of Archie Bunker. Educate yourself, and grow thicker skin in the process. The world is so much more complex than your reductive logic allows.

  • randyckay

    What is killing this society is the “politically correct” thing pushed to its insane outer limits! Do you have any idea what would have happened if The Marx Brothers were to make a movie now, or if Bob Hope cracked one of his jokes in public. Catastrophe! Many of the great comedians would be attacked by so many “organizations” for their “rudeness”, while all this was part of the comedy, or the joke. with all due respect to the ladies. Some people are just ridiculous, but well…this is where society is at right now.

  • Adam Cross

    getting through the day without needlessly insulting people is actually quite easy.

  • Adam Cross

    ah, the “it’s only a joke” response. move along. nothing to see here.

  • Adam Cross

    god forbid we evolve and change as people. Would you prefer we still lived in the 50’s ?

  • MEEfO

    Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it, sport? In the case of this video–the character he portrays–the butt of the joke is him. Not women, not effeminate men. Himself. Pay attention, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Adam Cross

    right, the vagina joke is clearly aimed at himself…

  • MEEfO

    You are easily the most dense person I’ve ever encountered online–and that’s a point of distinction. He’s behaving like a buffoon, calling attention to that behavior as a point of ridicule. Like Archie Bunker before him. Archie’s outdated, racist notions were meant to hold a mirror to that sort of bigotry, allowing us to laugh at this sad old man and his old-world ideas. This piece is in the same vein. He comes across as childish and immature, increasingly so throughout the video–to the point where he becomes the object of pity and mockery.