Grieving Father Asks Internet to Photoshop Baby Photo, Receives Incredible Response


It’s true that the Internet can be a stupid and cruel place — read any comment section on a controversial news piece for proof of that — but it can also be a wonderful place that occasionally brings you to tears… in a good way.

This is a story about the best of the Internet: about a grieving father, a heartfelt request, and an overwhelming response.

This last weekend, Ohio father Nathen Steffel posted a heartbreaking request on Reddit. His daughter Sophia died last week after spending only 6 weeks on this Earth, and since she had spent her entire short life in the hospital, the Steffels had no photographs of Sophia where she wasn’t covered in tubes.

The request was a simple one: “Can someone remove the tubes from this photo.” The response overwhelmed him. Here are just a few of the pictures Redditors created for Nathen and his wife:

Photo by ChangingYang submitted via Reddit

Photo by ChangingYang via Imgur

Photo by funkybrewster submitted via Reddit

Photo by funkybrewster via Imgur

Photo by jloooong submitted via Imgur

Photo by jloooong via Imgur

Photo by Markaes4 submitted via Imgur

Photo by Markaes4 via Imgur

The responses came fast, so fast Steffel couldnt’ keep up with them. “I just wanted to reach out to get at least one quality picture,” he tells BuzzFeed. “I was amazed how many people responded. We have so many nice pictures now.”

The pictures are often accompanied by heartfelt well-wishes and messages from others who had been through similar experiences in their life. Between the comments and the Photoshopped versions of little baby Sophia, this ought to restore your faith in humanity in a big way this Wednesday.

To see all of the responses for yourself, head over to Imgur by clicking here and read through the most upvoted comments.

(via TODAY)

  • Oj0

    Faith in humanity restored. Nicely done.

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  • csmif

    A very nice gesture and I sincerely hope the man finds some comfort in the efforts by the photoshoppers, but this in no way restores my faith in humanity. Sorry.

  • jaakewilson

    give it a few hours

  • ACM

    Agreed. It’s all too rare to have a group of people anywhere show true kindness.

  • BoneDiddlie

    And they certainly did a great job. At one of my former photo editing jobs, I was asked to touch-up a school photo of a young child and one of the notes read to please remove the feeding tube if at all possible. It took a bit more time than a normal touch-up, but I was able to get it done. A month later the parents wrote a very nice letter thanking the photo place I worked at for being able to do such a thing. It seemed such a simple thing to do for me, but meant way more to someone else. Every now and then I find myself thinking that life can be so difficult, and then I remind myself that things could be so much harder.

  • Snow Shine

    Having gone through similar albeit not quite as traumatic experience with my wife, this really hit home. Thanks for sharing. Yes! There is hope for humanity!

  • Paul Couvrette

    My version…

  • the_gator

    RIP, Very nice of these people to do this for this family.

  • Kyle Gray

    Agree completely. Nice gesture of humanity.

  • InterActv_Bug


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