Fans Taking Selfies in the Road are the New ‘Pain in the A**’ for Tour de France Cyclists


We have another location/situation to add to society’s collective “places/times I shouldn’t take a selfie” list (there’s one of those right?): in the middle of the road as hundreds of Tour de France cyclists barrel down towards you.

This might seem like common sense, but hard as it might be to believe, Tour de France cyclists are complaining that fans standing in the middle of the road to take a selfie as the group approaches are “the new pain in the arse” for riders this year.

That quote comes from The Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas, who spoke to The Guardian and was joined by American Tejay van Garderen in publicly criticizing the dangerous trend. For our money, we prefer Garderen’s description better though. He called the trend “a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity” and took to Twitter to ask fans to #think:

Of course, all of the riders love the support — some were downright shocked at the sheer number of spectators in the Yorkshire leg of the Tour — just as long as those people stay… you know… out of the road.

(via The Guardian)

Image credits: Photograph by Pymouss and used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing.

  • Jack B. Siegel

    There is a simple solution: Arrest and put in jail for the night. That will put an end to this practice. Remember the person who took out the Olympic marathoner in Greece. This is really no different. It is these practices that will result in restrictions on photographic activity for legitimate photographers who exercise common sense.

  • Clayton Finley

    there is some video footage of some dude standing on the road, one biker totally goes out of his way to knock him on his butt. its awesome.

    And I don’t blame the riders one bit. In fact, I hope this expands. Imagine some skinny dude on the sideline of a football game trying to get a selfie while a player cleans them out.

  • Matt

    Ya, not sure it will help. Not a whole lot of rational thinking along the road.

  • Nate Parker

    Hey now- I resemble that remark Mr Clayton Finley! I, speaking as a skinny dood, would like to defend all the innocent skinny doods out there who haven’t interfered with any ongoing sport and henceforth blame all the dumbasses of any sort of size who do. Key word- ‘dumbasses’, not ‘skinny’. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

  • Robert Mark


  • e367r

    simpel solution: abortion and IQ control….

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  • jaakewilson

    The Shark.

  • MMielech

    Ban alcohol, too.

  • Bernie

    The stock image used for this is at least a year old — the team in orange, Euskaltel Euskadi, no longer exists.

  • Jason Yuen

    Steroids are banned too but banning does nothing. Just ask the cyclists.

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  • Kynikos

    Not sure who I dislike more, cyclists or people who take selfies.

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