The ‘Doco’ Extension Gives Photoshop the Documents Panel It’s Always Needed


When you’re working with multiple photos in Photoshop, one of the biggest pains turns out to be management. Despite being around for over 20 years, Photoshop’s approach to dealing with multiple documents still feels rather archaic or, to put it technically, a pain in the butt.

This left a gap in the photo-editing program that needed filling — a gap that an extension called Doco (pronounced dock-oh) is trying to take care of.


Doco’s goal is to help you better view and manage multiple Photoshop documents when they’re open at the same time. Using the extension’s cleverly-designed panel, swapping between images or compositions becomes a far more intuitive experience… no more having to remember what tab holds what photo.


But Doco’s not just about displaying images and letting you shift between them easily, there are a few other key features that should appeal to anybody who spends a great deal of time in Photoshop. The first of these is the ability to easily merge documents through a simple drag-and-drop process.

The second one is the ability to copy selected layers or adjustments from one document to another through a drag-and-drop gesture.



Doco is designed to work with the latest editions of Photoshop CC, ensuring functionality is at its peak. If you’d like to find out more about the extension or give it a shot for yourself, you can do so by heading over to Doco’s site where a fee of $19 will get you your own download.

The program comes with a full, 7 day money back guarantee, so you might as well give it a shot and see if it can work some magic on your Photoshop workflow.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I’m still on CS5, but I can drag and merge images and layers already. I think this is more eye-candy for people who do not really know how to use photoshop.

  • Peter Hollz

    but when you have 12 documents open you have no visible aid what is what.
    you probably are a noob or beginner who only works basic stuff in photoshop… yes then this is not for you.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I guess I”m just used to naming the files I use. Between tile view and mini-bridge I don’t see myself using this. And yes I have created images from dozens of originals at a time.
    To each their own…

  • twat

    wow you used the word ‘noob’ you’re so cool!