Convict’s Viral ‘Sexy’ Mugshot Scores Him a $30,000 Modeling Contract


It pays to have a mugshot photographer who knows their lighting. Jeremy Meeks, the 30-year-old alleged criminal whose ‘sexy’ mugshot took the Internet by storm sparking Twitter movements and Facebook Pages dedicated to his beautiful bone structure, has apparently signed a $30K modeling contract with Blaze Models in LA.

The news was shared by none other than TMZ, who also revealed that Meeks has managed to find himself an agent: Gina Rodriguez of GR Media, who represents other Internet sensations like Patricia Krentcil (aka. Tan Mom).

It seems having the entire Internet Photoshop you into modeling ad after modeling ad during your 15 minutes of fame can actually pay off…

(via Business Insider)

  • Philip A Swiderski Jr.

    makes me sick. I am 36years old, my life has lead me to live on
    SSDI/Disability. I have been working very hard at finding the capital
    to build my own life through photography. Gained lots of good jobs and
    keep up the work. But not one penny to make it happen. This
    disgusting sack of human, takes one good mugshot and is given money.
    What is worst is the media and publications promote it. Disregarding
    those that actually deserve a chance to make something in life. The
    only good thing I have to say about this. Is I hope this guy see’s the
    same potential in himself as everyone else does and turns his life
    around. If and only if that happens, I would feel good about being
    ignored for a crime passionate fool.

  • Mark Trevino

    way to to go dumb As$’s (Blaze Models)show kids one more example of how criminals get rewarded and glamorized.

  • jrconner

    I hope the victims of his crimes sue him so that he never gets to spend a cent of that $30k. And I hope that modeling agency, already morally bankrupt, goes Chapter 7.

  • Asgeirr Black

    Seems to me, that a lot of people here writing comments are about same as him. :)

    Envy much? Such positive human emotion..

  • Aezreth

    How is this a $30K modeling contract exactly? You don’t get paid just to sign with a model agency, that’s not how it works. You get paid if you do modeling jobs and the agency then takes a percentage, usually 20-50%, of that.

  • Billy___Bob

    Leni Riefenstahl would be proud.

  • MEEfO

    Don’t blame the agency, blame the women of the world who get wet over a violent abusive man. They gave him a platform and a fan base, created petition after petition to have him freed, to give him a modeling contract. They got their collective wish.

  • MEEfO

    It isn’t the agency, but the women of the world who are morally bankrupt. They lobbied for this, they wanted it, they created the demand for it, and they got it.

  • Burnin Biomass

    As long as he serves his time for his crimes, I could give a rip about what job he has when out (as long as its legal). If you even call this a job, the 30k was probably worth the notice Blaze Models got, he might not ever show up or get booked for anything.

  • Holla

    Maybe this break makes him see the light down the road. People can change, especially when shown another side of life. I understand what you are saying, but this could turn out to be a very good thing, and turn him into a productive member of society.

  • yesihavechildren

    I totally agree. This may change him for the better!

  • Mike

    Hey, not only women, I bet!

  • Mike

    Until he has a bad hair day and flips out again. After all, the only thing he has to offer here is something he didn’t really have to work for.

  • Tim Vechik

    You don’t usually get paid by the agency, unless they see something that they know the can capitalize on. Most of the agencies I know don’t take that steep of a cut, but are closer to 10-15% of the jobs that they land for their models. While I don’t know the people at Blaze personally, I think they saw a media storm, and thought to capitalize on the free publicity and instant elevation of the convict to celebrity, and went to sign him based on his instant appeal to a very appealing market segment.

  • Christine Loughead

    I dont think he took his own mugshot

  • ReinoldFZ .

    haha, they should to hire to the photographer from the police station too.

  • masteryaku

    Wow. I don’t know whether to cry a river for Swiderski or just tell him to just work harder and stop whining. Me thinks I know why you haven’t been as successful as YOU feel you should be- your post paints you as an envious twerp. Chill and get busy creating your future instead of gushing self pity.

  • jrconner

    That argument doesn’t get the agency off the hook. And it defames women, most of whom I believe are appalled by the few who apparently fell for this felon.

  • Will Mederski

    The only money that his guy will “earn” (for this agent) is from articles and websites giving him more and more publicity.

    This is nothing but an agency selling a face for clicks, and a website (ahem, PetaPixel) paying for it.

  • thing unreal

    “Man finds out life is unfair, more at 11″. Welcome to earth i guess? Have you never heard of paris hilton or like 95% of rich people?

  • MEEfO

    The few? Are you this daft by choice or by effort? Millions of combined likes, shares, positive comments, and signatures on various petitions in favor of this guy based on his looks–the vast majority of which were by women. Educate yourself.

  • SkivMarine

    I don’t have enough clean words to express my disgust.

  • ritapoutige

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  • Cornelius

    Until his gang, to which he’s affiliated to, comes for him for ditching them. You just dont break the gangsta code, by leaving, that easily. I bet he wont have a peaceful modelling career, not while the gang(members) are still roaming the streets.
    And what TF was the agency thinkin? Looks, and some thirsty hoes over-hyping some mugshot, is all it takes to be a successful model? I’ll be waiting for him to snap during one of them photoshoot sessions and blow someone’s brains TF out

  • Jason Wright

    I agree, This could only help him rehabilitate and once he has served his time people should WANT him to have a job and something to work for so he avoids falling back into crime.
    If it turns his life around then I can’t see a downside. The moral is “you always have a choice” while crime doesn’t pay, his looks certainly do.

  • Jason Wright

    That’s their job(s)?
    That’s the whole point of modelling?

  • Jason Wright

    At somebody getting a second chance in life? He may have done some terrible things but assuming he does his time and moves forward away from crime this is a win for him and all his otherwise future victims that will now never have to suffer.
    Don’t be jealous.

  • Mark Trevino

    both of you are correct, this does not negate the fact that the agency is promoting this ass hat,and the women created the popularity for him.

  • JackiBoldenypt

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  • SkivMarine

    You’re assuming quite a bit there, sonny.
    The guy has a rap sheet from here to Pittsburg.
    And just WHY would I be jealous? The guy is a no load hump.

  • Enrique Garcia

    “Your honor, I hereby present conclusive evidence that in the entertainment industry, you truly do fail upwards…”

  • Adam Cross

    oh boohoo.

  • Adam Cross

    you know he’s still going to do his time, right? or would you rather he not get a job afterwards to try to do better? blame women? you’re completely mad.

  • MEEfO

    No. I’m not. Great question, though: do I prefer he “get a job” after serving his time. Absolutely. The operative word being “get.” An active word in which he has to go out and make an effort to land a job. Instead he was offered a contract and representation for doing absolutely no work. For being a criminal in fact he was rewarded. After all had he not been a convicted felon brought in on additional felony weapons charges and subsequently had his mugshot taken he never would have received this contract. Wow, crime does pay! What incentive does he have to change? You should try using your head for more than just storage for pop culture flights of fancy–you know, there is an entire analytical side of your brain. Try it out!

  • Candice Montgomery

    No, he didn’t score a $30,000 modeling contract. This is a completely untrue story, and even if it were true, it certainly isn’t worth anyone getting their panties in a twist over it.

  • Adam Cross

    why should someone have to actively go out and land a job? I know a few people who have landed modelling jobs simply on the back of their selfies on instagram – am I going to bash them for that? no. I guess it comes down to whether you can control your own jealousy or not. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind being handed an opportunity that you didn’t expect. But carry on being awesome, please.

  • Candice Montgomery

    This story is fake, he did not get a $30,000 modeling contract. What he did get was indicted on federal gun charges.