Behind the Scenes of OK Go’s Viral Optical Illusion-Packed Single Take Music Video

Indie rock band OK Go‘s recent music video for the song “The Writing’s On the Wall” was a smash hit, receiving some 6.6K likes on PetaPixel alone and currently boasting over 7.6M views on YouTube.

But just in case the claim that it was all shot in a single take without any cuts has you skeptical, the band yesterday released a spellbinding behind-the-scenes video to show you how the optical illusion magic was made.

As we mentioned when we shared the video, the fact that it was shot in a single take certainly doesn’t mean it only took one take to get it right. What you see above is the result of 50 tries and 3 weeks worth of rehearsals. But boy, did it ever come together nicely.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Tarwin

    That video has some of the most horrible post produced image stabilization I’ve ever seen. Or at least it looks like it. Other than that it is amazing.

  • Eden Wong

    Yawn worthy music, but killer music videos. Totally clever and lots of fun. Good stuff.

  • Michael

    Wonder what cameras/lens they used?

  • Daniel hughes

    Great idea. poorly executed. With a little more engineering on the camera transitioning this would have been epic.

  • SeoulFood

    Give ‘em a call and tell them this. I’m sure they will hire you for their next video.

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  • yopyop

    Was about to say “oh come on Tarwin, stop bitching” . Then I watched the video. That was really hard to follow during the transitions. Now my eyes hurt. Really, really too bad because it’s damn great work of art.

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  • MickO

    Your spam adds more to the conversation than the nitpicking haters, actually.