Paparazzi: A Multiplayer PC Game that Pits a Scampering Celebrity Against Your Lens

If you miss the days of arcade-style gaming, Pringo Dingo Games might have just what you’re looking for… complete with a photographic twist. The three-man game studio’s latest creation is a game called Paprazzi, and it pits your reflexes against a scampering 8-bit celebrity.

Paparazzi is a satirical multiplayer PC game where player one is a celebrity and player two is an oddly aerial member of the paparazzi. The goal is for player one to avoid player two’s camera, emulating the cat-and-mouse game often played between celebrities and their camera-toting archenemies.

Explained in the above video, the game started out as a smaller project, but has since grown into a larger operation.

There are currently two levels available: a scene in the city and a scene in a club. There is also only one celebrity character available right now. With the help of Kickstarter, the team hopes to add many more levels, many more characters, and Internet-enabled multiplayer that would increase the entertainment value of the arcade-style game.

The quick-paced, quirky game has already reached just under $2k of its $5k Kickstarter goal, and there are still 16 days left to reach full funding.

For a $10 pledge, you can snag yourself a digital copy of Paparazzi when it comes out. If, on the other hand, you’re a big spender and want a more customized experience, you can drop $250 for the right to create your own celebrity character.

No word yet on whether a Kanye character that attacks the paparazzi player is in the works…

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Paul Pond

    looks like a wast of money and time.

  • Paff

    what do you do with your time and money? do show!

  • bob cooley

    This should be a FPS (First Person Shooter) – Oh, and I mean that in SO many ways… ;)

  • Paul Pond

    I spend my time on taking real pictures and earning real money. :)

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