Doug Gordon Accused of Plagiarizing Yet Again, Then Lying About It


Photographer, photography teacher and Nikon Ambassador Doug Gordon — the same Doug Gordon who only just began truly recovering from the plagiarism scandal he was caught up in last year — is being accused of plagiarism yet again by photography wall-of-shame site PhotoStealers.

In case you’re not familiar with the history of this particular case, Gordon was called out in July of 2013 for plagiarizing Tweets, Facebook statuses, blog posts and biographies. The firestorm that followed cost Gordon and fellow photographer Jasmine Star speaking engagements at WPPI, and left their reputations battered and bruised.

That, however, was months ago. Gordon apologized, the community at large seemed to have forgiven him, and most have put the incident behind them… until today.



Earlier today PhotoStealers published a ‘Part Two’ to the Doug Gordon story after people began pointing out online that the about page on Gordon’s workshop website was oddly similar to the about page of marketing firm SIR Marketing.

As the accusations rolled in, Gordon supposedly told entrepreneur and former wedding photographer Gary Fong that this bio was left over from the first round of scandal and had just been missed when cleaning up his websites. According to PhotoStealers, however, that just isn’t the case.

They have a screenshot of the workshop website Bio as it was at the time of the first scandal and it was not the About Us that seems to have been taken from SIR.


Since these latest accusations hit the Internet, the offending About Us has been changed to the same About Us that is currently up on Gordon’s Nikon Ambassador page — one that was written for him by Stephen Rosenbaum at SIR Marketing as a favor.

But when Fong reached out to both Doug and SIR to clear things up, SIR told him that Gordon did not have permission to use any part of the SIR About Us page. Specifically, Rosenbaum writes:

…neither my Agency nor I had any involvement with, or knowledge of that modified material, which appeared on Doug’s site.

Fong, who says he came to Gordon’s aid the first time and believed him when he said it was all a mistake, seems to have lost faith. In an email to PhotoStealers he writes:

I can say this without fear of actionable libel or slander. Doug Gordon has repeatedly lied to me, and has stolen from others. I was sticking up for him because of the story he shared with me from the past, but I doubt that anything Doug says is true.

You can share/post/republish this as you wish. I am not going to get involved into contacting Nikon about this information, but the buying public should be aware of this as should Nikon.

A comparison between the About Us from Gordon's workshop website and the one from the SIR Marketing site.

A comparison between the About Us from Gordon’s workshop website and the one from the SIR Marketing site.

We have reached out to Gordon to ask for comment and see if there is a piece of this story that the rest of us are missing, and will update this post if and when we hear back from him.

(via PhotoStealers)

  • David Liang

    It’s peculiar that both these two are better salesmen/marketers than they are photographers, and likewise have gone down similar routes of plagiarism. begs the question had they concentrated on their craft and not their fame, they might have been both productive and better photographers.

  • Anomouse

    I think the guy is a liar and plagiarist too but there is always a chance that these claims are a set-up, since none of us here are really going to bother to investigate beyond this article.

  • Jim Johnson

    Everyone thought he kind of did that already.

  • Jim Johnson

    It’s possible that’s what he did. That was the excuse he made last time, anyway; that he hired people he didn’t know he couldn’t trust.

  • Jim Johnson

    Being an educator is a craft. Just because you are not a good photographer does not mean that you cannot teach others to be good.

    Otherwise, the teacher of every great photographer would be considered as talented as his student.

    The problem is, they are proving to not be very good teachers either because they keep getting caught stealing other people’s stuff.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    What’s that old saying? Those who can, do? Those who can’t, teach? (^_^). JK, I want to teach in my next career…

  • James N

    such scandal for this? check all website workshops and all will use 50% or more same words, “experience of xx years,” clients satisfacion, recognition, etc, etc.
    not big deal for me

  • Justin Case

    I hear Tony Robbins is looking for a ghostwriter…

  • Justin Case

    Plagiarism is not a criminal offense. It is not even technically illegal. But that doesn’t mean any of us think it’s okay.
    The internet is a wonderful place. You are most welcome to present your own evidence to the contrary, but since you haven’t really done your homework, I will trust in other sources.

  • Justin Case

    PS: Doug Gordon has a huge web presence and is more than welcome to offer his side of the story. So far, his silence speaks volumes.

  • Beaugrand_RTMC

    Can’t fix stupid. Apparently, can’t fix greedy, either.

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  • Joshua Boldt

    Fraud is illegal. Violating copyright is illegal. Violating a law like SOPA or PIPA is illegal. Violating trademark is illegal. Creating unfair competition by misleading a client or employer with plagiarized material is illegal. These are all forms of plagiarism. They are just called something different in legal terms. The people who Doug Gordon allegedly steals from have legal rights to their work which makes his plagiarism illegal.

    In the context of a school, plagiarizing is a little different. Plagiarizing a paper when you are in school is not illegal in terms of State or Federal laws, but is illegal by the rules of the school (technically a copyright holder could come after you if you submitted a school paper to a contest and won something, so even in school context it can violate laws). When students sue schools for punishing them for plagiarism they never win, meaning the courts uphold it as breaking the law of the school (which, in legalese, implies it is illegal in terms of civil cases also).

  • flightofbooks

    Why on earth would anyone plagiarize their ‘about me’ section. This is just bizarre.

  • Justin Case

    laziness. why use your own work when someone else has already done it better. Plus, nobody really reads those things right?

    (yes, that last part was meant to be sarcastic)

  • Doug Stroud

    The very odd thing about this is, (besides all the wrong-doings) that the bio doesn’t even really make sense for a photographer- it sounds cold, impersonal and robotic. For S.I.R. a marketing firm it totally works… But this is not only the world we live in, we created it and we allow it. Good on Photostealers for taking an ethical stand.

  • flightofbooks

    It’s like a minute’s worth of work. copy-pasting it and changing the particulars to be about him takes just about as the same effort. to

    the only way I can figure is that he’s borderline illiterate, and composing a few sentences is beyond his capabilities.

  • Courtney Navey

    no they both still suck at being honest and while they have some photography skill, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors.

  • Jorge Vieira

    The first time I ever saw this guy I knew i didn’t like him for some odd reason. Guess my gut felling was right.

  • Dylan

    And we all know what you would be faggit, the spelling police.

  • Alan Seeger

    …asshole much?

    Oh, and yes, I AM the spelling police. I have the badge and everything. :)