Nat Geo Photographer Narrates the Making of a ‘Moment’ In the American West

National Geographic photographer William Albert Allard has spent the past five decades of his life capturing photographs and authoring articles for the storied magazine.

Over the course of fifty years, one would think the narratives behind individual photographs would begin to blur together, but that’s not the case. At least not for Allard and a photograph of a buckaroo named Stan.

In this About a Photo short film, presented by ThinkTank, Allard narrates the story of one of the “greatest photographs of the American West.” The photo shows cowboy Stan Kendall alone in a Mountain City, Nevada bar. Drink in hand, a look of exhaustion on his face and a posture to match, the composition encapsulates a “moment” as poignantly pointed out by Allard.

Take a listen and look at the two-minute video. It’s a quick, enjoyable fix of inspiration courtesy of an incredible photographer, and a great way to end your Friday to boot.

  • Kynikos

    Just me, or does the Coke fridge detract from the shot?
    Looks out-of-place to me but I’m not an historian.

  • Pickle

    As cynical as I am about the internet famous photographers *cough* Fro, The Nat Geo and LIFE photographers were and are legit.

  • Chang He

    How much time have you spent in dive bars in the West? It’s perfect. This encapsulates the environment perfectly.

  • Boris Badenov

    You don’t sound cynical…you sound jealous and childish…just say’in…

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  • Pickle

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