Facebook Eases Stance on Breastfeeding Photos


Facebook doesn’t have it easy when it comes to moderating content; with approximately 1.3 billion active users, it’s inevitable there will be a few mess-ups over time. But one issue Facebook has continually struggled with sorting out is the social network’s wishy-washy policy on breastfeeding photographs.

As of at least 2012, Facebook has claimed that breastfeeding photos were allowed; however, a number of incidents have occurred since then where such photos were removed for violating Facebook’s Nudity and Pornography guidelines, causing a plethora of PR troubles for the massive company.

Incidents such as these now seem to be a thing of the past though, as Facebook makes changes that show they’re listening to the outcry of Facebook pages like “FB vs. Breastfeeding.”


In a recently-published update to a help page on the issue, Facebook added the following statement:

We agree that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we’re glad to know that it’s important for mothers to share their experiences with others on Facebook. The vast majority of these photos are compliant with our policies.

The above text might seem vague, but what it means in practical terms is that breastfeeding photographs that show the breast fully exposed, even the one the baby isn’t nursing from, are now NOT considered inappropriate and will not be removed even if reported. This fact was confirmed by feminist Soraya Chemaly (NSFW link) and Huffington Post UK (NSFW link).

So while this doesn’t read as a technical policy change on the matter, it seems Facebook really is easing up on the issue. Only time will tell whether or not this ensures further image removals and bans stop happening.

(via Engadget)

Image credits: Breastfeeding by Ozgur and Picknick by Aurimas Mikalauska.

  • Timothy Nguyen

    As much as I can understand and respect why a mother needs to breastfeed in public, I don’t see why we need to see it on social media. (I’m not beating free speech, if it makes you happy go for it, but it just seems weird to me.)

  • OtterMatt

    This is fantastic. Now the decision of who to un-friend will be instantaneous and simple. Seriously… No one wants to see pictures of you breastfeeding. No one cares. It’s not their kid.

  • Randy Wentzel

    It’s something that mothers share with other mothers or with other woman who may be expecting. I don’t think they’re typically posting the pictures on their feeds, but rather in groups.

  • Jason Yuen

    Vague indeed. Breastfeeding photos are permitted, but does not say anything about who is being breastfed. I can already see ads and other shock links using a breastfeeding with questionable subjects as click bait.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Pretty much everywhere in the civilized world, breastfeeding is a non-issue. In the good ol’ US of A where we sexualize everything, we’ve made one of the most beautiful things in existence into something bad, sick, and wrong and something to be embarrassed about, ashamed of, and hidden.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Speak for yourself. It’s considered kind of arrogant to speak for millions of other people.

  • Nathan Caulford

    Exactly. Why would a mother simply share with the whole world something that will most likely be judged? As Randy stated, they don’t — in general — they share empowering visuals/captions with other mothers/mothers-to-be. IMHO, If you’re not a woman, you don’t get to give $#!+ to women about this subject.

  • Nathan Caulford

    oh, and one more. My hypothesis is that most photographers would be anywhere from ‘ok with’ to ‘in awe of’ a tasteful female figure study… wouldn’t bat an eye, but as soon as it’s about a mother nourishing her baby, people get all bent out of shape? Get a fu*&%^ grip people.

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  • TN

    if it helps spread proper technique, then why not? if it’s glorified attention seeking, then why not? why does it even matter? the problem isn’t the images, or the content, it’s the person who takes offence. THAT is where we should focus our attention, in an effort to determine what the actual problem is, and if it is a cause of harm..

    i’d like to see statistics and demographic information, on who reports the images as offensive. I bet there’s a cultural or educational background that isn’t obvious on the surface, and if we were able to address that concern, collectively, we would be in a better position to determine how to deal with this.. perhaps some sort of check box for people who are easily offended =D and then content recognition to highlight images with content that could trigger the easily offended’s “offensive content detector”, which would protect their self interests, while ensuring that the rest of us are free to internet as we please

  • OtterMatt

    Then you certainly don’t know the mothers that I do. I get it, I really do: your (general) kids are the most awesome thing in the world to you. That’s awesome. But I still don’t want to hear stories and see pictures of breastfeeding and diaper training.

  • superduckz

    For those unaware and without kids let me be the first to let you know
    that there is a significant “breast feeding” nazi mafia out there and
    they are as annoying all hell and growing more bold. They are a threat to our freedoms and they MUST be stopped.

    I’ll never forget the stunned silence and shocked expression on the face of the parenting class “teacher” after we casually commented that we were going to bottle feed only so we were leaving the class early and skipping that part. And then the lecturing began with stern warnings of dire consequences. This is all part of their long range master plan to enslave mothers to the tit and exclude fathers from their turn at bonding time with their kids.

    Screw em. If I could take any fifteen minute window of my life and put it in a bottle to take tiny sips from it would be the quite serene moments in the middle of the night feeding my kids. These tyrants want to deprive me of that. And yeah.. I know about the pumps. Doesn’t count.

  • Guest

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  • PazinBoise

    It is a good thing that Facebook has the common sense to know there is nothing perverse about breastfeeding and that it will ease up its policy on it. I actually think most Americans don’t have issue with the “nudity” aspect of it save for the few who have little common sense. That being said not everyone one wants to see it despite breastfeeding being natural and necessary.

    Sure, it CAN BE beautiful but that doesn’t mean everyone sees it as beautiful. My wife always conveys to me that she gets tired of seeing breastfeeding pictures on her feeds. She breastfed both our girls, is 100% behind breastfeeding, and by no means wants the images banned. But for her it’s not this beautiful-magical thing, it’s a means to get food to baby and do some bonding. Personally she doesn’t want see it if she doesn’t have too. Now as a reasonable person should someone post nursing photos on her feeds she does her best to ignore and move on.

    I just hope that the pro-breast feeding crowd can understand that people are capable of supporting breast feeding while reserving the right to not want to see it if they don’t have to.