Adobe Overhauls Creative Cloud, Here are the Important Updates for Photographers

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If you head over to Adobe’s website now, you’ll find a bunch of information on the company’s major Creative Cloud update that, as promised via teaser, just went live today.

And while you’re welcome to go digging through all of that stuff to try and ferret out what’s important for you, we’ve done the tedious work for you and summarized the important Adobe CC changes as they apply to photographers.

The photographer-relevant Creative Cloud updates can be broken down into four sections: Photoshop CC improvements, Lightroom Mobile for iPhone, the new Photoshop Mix iOS app, and the Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Photoshop CC Improvements

Let’s start with the most relevant and powerful platform, the desktop version of Photoshop CC. A handful of new features have been added or improved to help photographers better manipulate and edit their images using Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.02.31 AM

Two new blur effects — Path Blur and Spin Blur — have been added to the Blur Gallery to help photographers add a sense of motion if they didn’t manage to capture it in camera; the Focus Mask feature demonstrated in last week’s sneak peek is now official; Content-Aware Fill, Move and Patch have been improved to more realistically deal with smooth gradients; and Surface Pro users on Windows 8.1 will see improved stylus support and the addition of some touch-based ‘experimental features’ as well.

Finally, it wasn’t all about features. The application has also gotten a lot faster… up to 15 times faster if Adobe’s press speak is to be believed. The Mercury Graphics Engine has been given an OpenCL boost so that images upsample faster and effects are applied faster.

Lightroom Mobile for iPhone

We already covered Lightroom Mobile when it launched a few weeks back. Bringing many of Lightroom’s powerful editing and organization features onto a mobile app with help from the cloud, the app was initially only available to iPad users.


Well, no more. Now you can edit and organize your precious RAW files remotely from your iPhone as well. Plus, the ability to add star ratings and create (and automatically sync across devices) a custom sort order has been added to both the iPad and iPhone versions.

Not much more to say about this one. If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, download the mobile app and give it a try. If you’re not, complain ceaselessly in the comments. You know… the usual.

Introducing Photoshop Mix for iPad

The previous two sections had to do with updates, this one is a full-fledged release. Alongside the updates to the rest of Creative Cloud, Adobe also released an all-new mobile app dubbed Photoshop Mix.


The purpose of Photoshop Mix is to bring some of Photoshop’s more advanced editing tools to the company’s mobile platform with (you’re gonna get sick of hearing this) some help from the cloud so that it doesn’t bog down your iPad’s processor.

With Photoshop Mix, you can access and open files from your camera roll, Creative Cloud, Lightroom mobile, Facebook and more. You can also open Photoshop documents and individual layers from PSDs.


Those files can then be edited using tools that tablets can’t usually handle, such as Upright, Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction. You can also add “looks” using over a dozen adjustable presets, and if you want to cut out portions of photos/layers and combine them together into composites, you’ll be able to do that as well thanks to two easy-to-use tools that Adobe has integrated into the app.




Finally, once you’re done editing to your satisfaction (or to the limits of the app), your layered and masked creation can be exported to Photoshop CC for further editing or published directly to Behance and the major social networks.


Photoshop mix is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store.

Creative Cloud Photography Plan

After extending the Photoshop Photography Program so many times we stopped telling you about it and just assumed the program would exist indefinitely, Adobe has read our minds and dropped the “limited time” schtick by creating the Creative Cloud Photography Plan.


Starting today, this permanent program allows you to pay only $10/month (with a one year contract) for Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Lightroom Mobile, access to Creative Cloud Learn, and ongoing updates and upgrades has been made permanent. What’s more, you won’t need a previous license, it’s available for everybody.

And that’s it, at least as it applies to photographers. To learn more about any of the features we talked about here you can read the press releases for yourself in Adobe’s press room. You can also learn more about Photoshop Mix or the now-permanent Photoshop Photography Plan by following the appropriate links.


    subscription is for m*r*ns.. so no wonder that mobile stuff is for apple user only….

  • yamaha83

    no lightroom additions? sad days


    openCL is nvidia only right????

  • Kyle

    I believe that they added AMD/ATI compatibility in the Adobe programs in CC. I know for sure that the AMD Firepro rendering cards are more compatible in Premier and After Effects CC.

  • DLCade

    Nothing major. Some camera compatibility updates and such.


    and this is all?? barely worht mentioning.

  • nemtraC

    No CUDA is Nvidia only, openCL is an open standard.

  • e4123r5423r5

    where exactly is the info what´s new in all adobes cc apps on adobes website?

    im more intersted in AE and premiere….

    there is nothing at the links you gave (press room)… yet.

  • Dj

    I’ll keep my CS6 and LR5. The rest I can do with most any mobile app.

  • Clayton Finley

    “Creative Cloud subscriber……. If you’re not, complain ceaselessly in the comments. You know… the usual”

    THIS on so many levels.

  • Baz

    Yeah because paying $600 over say the following 5 years is much less sensible than paying for 3 versions of Lightroom and 3 versions of Photoshop in the previous 5 years, which incidentally would of cost you between well over $2000 from brand new to upgrades.

    Can I be your accountant?

  • Andrew Kandel

    Maybe he doesn’t upgrade every time. I certainly don’t.

  • Gene

    Yeh, I skipped about every other time too. And I never paid full price for the first version… it was an upgrade from Elements. Over 15 years I’ve come out ahead. And what if the “limited time offer” of $10 goes to $19.99, or $29.99? Adobe will be laughing all the way to the bank. Their day will come.

  • Vicious

    Pft! Did you miss those new snazzy blur effects

  • headshots Los Angeles

    So everybody that had CS6 and “upgraded” to CC when it first came out a year ago has paid anywhere from $100-$600 for the adobe to add some blur filters…

    You guys realize that adobe is essentially out of new ideas and wants to be able to keep monetizing something while adding very little value to it.

  • Robert Mark

    Everybody I know uses Lr Collections after images are edited, not before. Lr Mobile completely upsets that workflow.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    You mean the one that they specifically said is no longer a ‘limited time offer’?

    Bro, do you even article?

  • Edgar Allan Bro



  • michael p

    where is everyone coming up with $600? if you read the deal adobe had months ago. 9.99 for PS CC and LR5. it comes out to a little over $120 a year for two apps. people really need to read all of the articles before you start bashing.

  • deepeshdotcom

    $120 a year for 5 years so
    $120 x 5 = $600

  • Gene

    You’re right… I caught the big photo of the website which was still using the limited time wording. I have no use for their cloud… so I usually don’t bother reading any news too closely about Adobe and really don’t care what they offer in the cloud. Kinda sick of seeing stories about them.

    Still… there is no promise it is $9.99 forever. It’s $9.99 while you have your one year contract. I do think they’ve seen that not that many people are willing to pay $19.99 to rent the software, so 10 bucks may well stick for a while. Considering I would update mine every 2-3 years for $150 this is at least twice what I was paying per year. But, if it works for you more power to ya. They just won’t get any more of my money for rent.

  • K. Garang

    Should be discounted to reflect the time value of money

  • Matti R

    I initially had the same view. But then when they dropped the requirement for previously owned Ps and introduced the photography-program, it changed the game for me. For the same price as staying current with Lr, I would get also Ps “for free”.
    And if (read: when) they rise the price, I always own the Lr license I have previously bought and I can continue with that and possibly upgrade it to most current version.
    And if Adobe decides to move Lr into the cloud, I’m in no worse situation than otherwise.
    For mobile I do not have any use as of now. Even though I own iPad. It won’t help if you are on the road. You’d still need to have a PC with you to upload the pictures into the cloud and tag them as “portable”. I would prefer a solution where I could work just with iPad uploading the images into the cloud through it and then edit them using the tablet. And when I’m back at home, I could continue where I left.

  • Oj0

    Maybe he would LIKE to upgrade every time, but until CC he couldn’t afford to? I’m certainly in that boat.

  • michael p

    600 over a 5 year span? and that will hurt everyones budget? most people spend $10 a day on coffee. that’s how much it costs for lunch in nyc. don’t understand how people can bark that $10 a month is a bad idea. Netflix is $8 a month and you get to watch whatever is in their databases. So how is $10 a month a bad idea again…. you get two apps for one low price per month and it’s always updated with the newest features. You can’t get that with PS CS versions…

  • michael p

    disagree, $120 a year is already at an all time low for both PS and LR. LR 5 alone is $149, PS is another $600. $149 + $600 = $749. hmmm if we do the math you come out saving far more money with the subscription model. $749 x 5= $3745 compared to $600 in the same time frame.

  • Ryan Dunne

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    for six months but last month her payment was $12157 just working on the
    laptop for a few hours. view website>>>>> W­o­r­k­s­7­7­.­C­O­M­

  • Bill Binns

    I have to say, after being very much against Adobe’s move to the cloud model, I finally broke down and signed up for the $10.00 a month photography plan. I love it. As an amateur, the truth is I was never going to buy the full version of Photoshop for $600+ bucks. Never. I have been an Elements user for years and have always been annoyed that many of the tutorials I found online only worked with the full version of PS. It has been very nice not being a second class citizen anymore.

    With Photoshop and Lightroom together, it’s going to take me something like 7 years of rental fees to pay what I would have paid for the boxed software. During those 7 years I am guaranteed to always have the most current version of the software (or to stay with an older version if I prefer). I’m all in.

  • K. Garang

    You misunderstood me.

    What I’m saying is, the $10/month should be discounted to reflect the time value of money.

    Paying $10 per month over a period of 5 yrs, vs paying $600 now, even though cumulatively amount will be the same, the former will still be cheaper.

    The cost of paying $600 now is more than paying $600 over a 5 years period.

  • Simon Skilling

    I had the full CC package, as $40 for PS and LR (2x $20 individual apps) vs $50 for everything just seemed to make sense at the time. But now this option emerged, I wanted in, as I really don’t make use of the other apps.
    For anyone in the same boat – here’s some hints to be aware of.
    Note that you need to contact support to do this – and you have to essentially cancel, then re-buy the new package, rather than downgrade. So leave it until you’re approaching your billing date or you will pay to overlap. However, if you have just passed your billing date, they may refund that last payment if you ask – but not by default. They did for me (10 days past my billing date) but only when I pushed it and said I wasn’t happy to pay a new $10 for apps I have already paid out for most of the month.

  • Dov

    The Adobe shills are out in droves

  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    Wow…Lightroom for my iPhone? WTF? Why would I possibly EVER want to try editing a full-frame RAW file on an iPhone screen. Really???