This is the World’s First Photoshopped Photo

Recognize the photo above? Titled “Jennifer in Paradise,” it holds a special place in the history of digital photography: it’s the world’s first Photoshopped picture.

Photoshop creator John Knoll took the picture back in 1987 while he and his girlfriend Jennifer were vacationing in Bora Bora. Shortly after snapping the picture of Jennifer gazing out at To’opua island, John proposed to his future wife.

Later in his career, while developing Photoshop to compete against the early (and extremely pricey) image editing programs on the market, John found himself in need of sample photos to demonstrate his software’s capabilities. When given access to a flatbed scanner, John scanned a 4×6 print of his picture of Jennifer, naming it “Jennifer in Paradise.tif.”

From that time forward, John would often use the image when showing off his software, and would sometimes leave it bundled with early sample versions of the program as well.

And that’s how the photograph above became the first ever photo to be “‘shopped” in what is now Adobe Photoshop.

(via The Guardian)

  • ImUrAssassin

    No I didn’t because I’m not talking about someone that is JUST a Photographer, Photographers can work different jobs you know.
    Being a Photographer doesn’t automatically mean you have only one source of income and even if I was, you can go around the world and find people charging all sorts of prices, there is no such thing as a default price. If there was, everybody would be a Photographer.

  • Karl

    What I meant was that $15 per hour is a ridiculously low rate. So yeah, people who are paid for jobs requiring PS should not complain about PS’s price. And this is not only for photographers.

  • ImUrAssassin

    If you think $15 an hour is ridiculously low, try out Minimum wage on for size. Some places, you just CAN’T get a good job, even if you qualify.

    I’ve taken 4 years of Computer Science, I STILL can’t find a decent job, I gotta work to earn enough money to move to a place where I can use that knowledge.

  • cardmaverick

    Adobe can’t be profitable in the long run under the old business model. Remember when they’d make a new release and it just wasn’t a big enough advancement in capability to justify upgrading? So does adobe. They know there is only so much more they can offer, so they are switching models while they still can in order to stay in business. It’s that simple.

  • Karl

    Again, I don’t say this is normal. But this is how things are. Three times I lost my job when I was web developer in companies. At the end, I decided to go freelancing.

    This is because freelancing doesn’t guaranty you get jobs everyday that you make way higher than $15 per hour.

    I wish you to find the job you’re looking for, really.

  • Vibcb

    I just want to see what the other side of the “view” looks like

  • KiraHaxellepa

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  • john lanford

    I get that, but WHAT was manipulated?

  • john lanford

    …oh, thx

  • Chang He

    I’m still using CS3. Works great.

  • Steven Rogers


  • webweave

    I had the beta and all the early versions of photoshop and I can tell you this is definitely NOT the first photoshopped photo because the early version only handled grayscale images.

    The early versions with color were almost useless too as they lacked any uniform way to control the color and lacked professional color formats. The Macintoshes available at this time did not have enough memory to even open a large color image file.

    It’s too bad that photoshop has become a verb because Photoshop wasn’t considered a professional product for many years. There were many high end systems that ran rings around what Photoshop could do for years, some of them are still ahead of Photoshop.

  • webweave

    Boy that list has grown, John Knoll used to be on it.

  • Tabi

    I guess it depends on what you consider “expensive” I bought photoshop years ago while working part time at McDonalds…. That was almost $8 an hour, and the program cost me about $800. I have since upgraded photoshop and no longer have to work at McDonalds (thank God lol) I guess when it comes to having an awesome tool for your career it’s worth it. I mean I see some tools that cost hundreds of dollars and think “who in their right mind would spend that much on a tool…” — someone who needs it for work obviously. I’ve also dropped over $3000 on a camera and thousands on lenses…. And $200 on a camera bag. LOL So in the big picture photoshop that has lasted me years and has paid for itself 10 times over now isn’t expensive at all.

  • michael p

    great, are you still using photoshop 7?

  • michael p

    that’s great. now lets take a look at reality. let’s go in the future where you will need to upgrade your hardware. do you think that particular computer will run your legacy PS product?

  • RMJ

    Yes. I’m not planning to abandon x86 architecture any time soon. Even if I did someday, I’d have plenty of power to emulate it.