Rumor: Panasonic to Announce a High End Compact with f/2.0-2.8 Lens & 4K Capability


When it comes to high-end compact cameras, Sony doesn’t exactly have a monopoly on the genre, but the RX100M3 is probably the most talked about of the offerings. With its nifty pop-up viewfinder, a 1-inch sensor and a bright 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens, it is quite the point-and-shoot.

But it soon might have some stiff competition, if news out of the Panasonic rumor mill is to be trusted.

According to 4/3 Rumors, and ranked as a very reliable rumor, the company has a powerful LX8 compact in the works that will feature a 1-inch sensor, built-in EVF, 24-90mm f/2.0-2.8 lens and, get this, 4K video capability!


All of this information was published yesterday, and earlier this morning 4/3 Rumors received some further details from a new source (read: less reliable) that confirmed some of the previously-mentioned specs and added a few more of its own.

According to the new source, the LX8 will feature a swiveling touchscreen, an updated processing engine for enhanced JPEG output, no hot shoe on account of the built-in EVF, an automatic lens cap and built-in 3-stop ND filter. It will also be a tiny bit (3%) bigger than the LX7.

Obviously none of this is official until the word drops from Panasonic itself, but if most of these specs are accurate, we’re looking at a very capable compact indeed. Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to let you know if and when official word drops.

  • bloogers are clueless

    dumbo.. the sony has no 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens.
    stop repeating such bull…
    you can´t say it´s a 24-70mm and keep the f-stop from the 8.8-25.7mm lens.
    every noob should know that by now.
    what happens here is that manufacturer raise the base ISO of cropfactor cameras so the exposure is the same (fit their stupid claims).
    so all the m43 etc. noobs will say “but but look the exposure is the same as with a FF f1.8 camera….”
    yeah… because the camera internaly cheats by raising the the signal.
    but DOF and light gathering is not the same as a 24-70mm f1.8-f2.8 lens.
    it´s basic stuff… yet all you wannabe bloggers have no clue and follow the misleading manufacturers.

  • ReinoldFZ .

    ok… I’d love to read more but, you know, actually I like to take photographs… Why do you stop your f-stops argument with little “full frame” anyway? there is 645, 6×7, 6×9 medium format, or perhaps 4×5 large format…

  • bloogers are clueless

    well sorry but an argument for noobs who don´t think it through.

    no manufacturer is comparing their cropfactor cameras to mediumfomat anyway.
    otherwise i would complain about that too.
    because it would be wrong too.

    but nobody is doing this equivalent calculation!!!

    show me a manufacturer who claims his CX, APS-C etc. format
    camera is equivalent to a phase one or other mediumformat camera!!
    you can´t.

    but 35m film IS the quasi-standard.

  • ReinoldFZ .

    I’m sorry to say but I use a film 135mm camera and an aps-c camera. I use the latter to calculate the exposure from the latter and I don’t need to duplicate the f-stop number (i.e. 5.6 instead 2.8) to get the exposure in the former. I don’t know if the company raised the signal. What I know is modifying the f-stop I don’t gain nothing and I’d more work to shot my photographs.
    Nobody compare to medium format because the companies had sold for years the wrong concept of “full frame”
    There are a lot of small sensors sizes so I prefer equivalence to the real number because it’s easier to know I like to work between 24mm and 135mm in 135mm equivalence. It drive me nuts to go to a chart to now if the lens is what I want.
    Anyway dof is another story but I don’t like shallow dof, I prefer everything in focus so smaller sensors win.

  • george

    You sir do not understand that F-Stop is a measure of light INTENSITY, therefore f2.8 is the same brightness no matter what the sensor size. If you shoot manual film formats you will work this out quite quickly. Seriously look it up

  • Tiktian C

    and tony northrup strikes again!…..

  • Reynaldi Herdinanto

    Are you talking about the F-stop in terms of depth of field or the real F-stop? F-stop is simply calculated with formula (focal length/diameter of aperture) and yes, it could be right that sony is using 1.8-2.8 F-stop. But if you’re talking about depth of field, it would be around F/5 to F/7 equivalent with full frame sensor depth of field.