Nikon D800/E Replacement’s Release Date ‘Confirmed,’ Expect it on June 26th


Here’s a quick but exciting update for Nikon full-frame shooters. According to Nikon Rumors, who reported in May that the D800/E replacement would arrive sometime in June, the so-called D800s will officially make its debut on June 26th.

NR used the word ‘confirmed’ with this rumor, so we’re assuming it’s as accurate as a date gets without actually being announced by Nikon itself. For more info on the camera, which looks to be an incremental but perhaps still worthwhile update to the D800/E duo, check out our previous coverage that includes a full list of rumored specs.

  • srood

    hope it will be priced the same as d800
    finger crossed

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    I’m betting on increased fps. D800s as in sport. And Sport as in FIFA world cup 2014.

  • DafOwen

    NR suggested that the price would be higher than the 800E (as the D4s is higher than D4)

  • Chase Chick

    They are already hurting for business from what I understand. It would be a poor decision to keep cranking prices and price themselves out of business.

  • Rob Elliott

    … I must be misunderstanding .. World Cup starts on the 12. The Group stage ends the same day of this announcement. No matter what they announce it won’t have any bearing on the gear at the world cup.

  • Anthony Thurston

    Camera manufacturers often have protoype units at large sporting events like this. The rumored Canon 7D II is supposedly at the World Cup. But, with Nikon “s” hasn’t even stood for sport, so I highly doubt that.

  • Lois Bryan

    Hey Nikon … … a D400 would be nice!!!

  • Matti R

    IF this replaces D800/E and IF the price is higher, it will mean that second hand 800’s will maintain their re-sell value quite well. And you cannot expect to see any kind of fire sale of D800/E’s still in stock.

  • Rob Elliott

    That makes sense…

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  • Jaleel King

    Still no XQD support? If there is one camera that would benefit from XQD it was the D800 not the D4… missed opportunity.