Video: Historic WWI Photographs of 1914 Antwerp Fade Into Their 2014 Equivalents

Each of the transitions above capture 100 years of change. The effects of two World Wars that left some areas untouched and others unrecognizable. It’s a fascinating, two minute and forty-five second journey from past to present.

The video was put together by Stijn Bollaert, who went out to re-photograph these historic sites and create this teaser ahead of an exhibition on forts in and around Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Nicola Albon

    Very moving and a little sad – especially the building that was bombed and has stayed in ruin, now overgrown

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    The haunting moves backwards… from high drama to pedestrian emptiness

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  • colinofpascoevaleaustralia

    Excellent work!

  • disqus_IlLmcj7Ll3

    Very good representation of the effects of war and 100 years after