Shutterfly’s New Interactive Guide Teaches the Basics of Capturing Better Images

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There’s no such thing as too many resources when it comes to learning how to take a good photograph. And here to prove this statement is a neat little pseudo-interactive web guide put together by Shutterfly for those among us who are just starting out.

Called How to Take the Perfect Photo, this web-based guide is a simple-but-efficient tool for anyone looking to get a bit more serious about photography, or just wanting a quick refresher.

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You get to choose the type of camera you’re working with — DSLR, point & shoot or smartphone — and then, once selected, you are given a list of types of photos you might be wanting to capture with your camera.

From action shots to wide angle images, you simply select the image type you’re wanting to capture and a collection of tips will appear at the bottom right, beneath an accompanying graphic, to help guid you through the process.

Quite minimal in its execution, the guide is a nice resource that would be a fun share for anyone looking to test the waters in photography. Sure, pros and intermediate photographers alike will probably be better served by one of the more advanced tutorials we’ve featured, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head on over and take it for a spin anyhow… go ahead… we won’t tell.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Timothy Jace

    the link doesn’t work for me…

  • Timothy Jace

    ok, link fixed.

  • Mike

    How to take the perfect photo:

  • Graf Almassy

    Sure, because the manuals usually talks about the artistic composition, field of views and how to calculate the DOF.

  • Jigsaw

    Well, that guide doesn’t cover those topics, though. It’s just about the technical settings, so Mike has a point.