Incredible: National Geographic Introduces You to Whisper, the BASE Jumping Dog

GoPros seem to have captured every activity known to man, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a dog fly. The footage is part of a National Geographic feature on adrenaline junkie Dean Potter, who brings his dog Whisper along for every crazy ride.

An Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper and her owner — or should we say partner — go on daring adventures together, trekking through the mountains and hopping off rock formation at nausea–inducing heights. We can’t be 100% sure whether or not Whisper enjoys all of these daring adventures, but for the most part, the adventurous pup’s tail seems to be wagging the whole time.

The feature is only three minutes long, and both the interesting subject matter and the fantastic production value make it well worth the quick distraction from work. And once you’re done watching the video, you can learn more about Potter and Whisper by clicking here.

(via Picture Correct)

  • Graham Marley

    “You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me”
    -the dog, every time.

  • Rodrigo Abello

    Shouldn’t this individual be tried for animal cruelty?

  • CrackerJacker

    I’m guessing the big brown stain below the pup-pack visible at 1:37 is from the first time he tried this with the pup on board?

  • BDWT

    Well, it’s pretty hard to tell if that dog is having a good time or just being forced into a sack and dragged along for the ride. I sure think PETA or someone should pursue animal cruelty charges on this one.

  • Lucas Barreto

    Hahahahahahaha that’s so stupid. The emotional music with the voice over… and a dog in a bag with a funny glass not beeing able to se s**t. Hahahahahahaha so so stupid, the mood of the video tries to sell some kind of groundbreaking human/animal relation, but it’s just funny and stupid.

  • Jim Macias

    Hahahahahahaha, LOL, OMG.

  • ksporry

    interesting, but really, the guy is a complete crack head! he’s not sane in the head “die together”??? really??? Die by yourself, the dog wants to live! It’s an interesting story, but this guy is nuts and probably should be tried for animal cruelty.

  • JustOneArtist

    Next time take a tiger….. ok letz start with a little kitty.

  • Rich Mack

    Ok he did it, now stop doing it. That’s a pretty cool dog and real happy to be back on the ground. Keep it there.

  • João Afonso

    jesus…what a tiny mind do you have! Good Luck in your tiny life!

  • João Afonso

    im so amazed by the comments around here…cruelty? PETA? Stupidity? oh shit…tiny minds in a big white world!

  • João Afonso

    you make me sick!

  • Kyle Gray

    Animal cruelty? Seriously people? People do things with their pets all the time. That dog was so securely strapped in even if it wanted to jump out it couldn’t. That being said this is so far from cruelty it is ridiculous that word is even mentioned in the comments. Did the dog probably like it? No, but me or any of you don’t speak dog so we can’t ask. It’s no different than when a guy goes surfing with his dog or skateboarding with his dog. People love their pets and I’m sure this dog lives a pretty pampered life. That being said the guy’s voice was a tad creepy.