AP Photo Editor Accidentally Shares Part of Cover Letter to BuzzFeed in Caption


Copy/Paste is a wonderful tool. It saves time, effort, and while we tend to take it for granted now, it’s truly a brilliant utility boiled down to its most simple form. However, as with everything, there can be downsides to it if not used properly.

What’s that? You need some anecdotal evidence, you say? Just ask Karly Domb Sadof, an Associated Press photo editor who, apparently, recently applied for a position at BuzzFeed.

The seasoned photographer and photo editor accidentally included a section of her cover letter, intended for the position of a Buzzfeed photo editor job, at the end of a caption in an image to AP newspaper clients. As seen above, the caption reads normally for the first sentence, before taking an interesting turn.

Presumably a copy and pasting error made while pecking away at the keyboard, Sadof quickly realized her mistake, sending out a corrected version with a note in the caption, “CORRECTS TO REMOVE UNNEEDED INFORMATION.” But according to Jim Romensko, at least one newspaper did run that cutline.

To see the image, without the error, you can check it out over on the Global Gazette website.

(via Gawker)

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  • Scott Mains

    Hardly news. Barely interesting.

  • Guest

    But I bet Buzzfeed still makes a listicle about her.

  • Rabi

    What does it say about the state of journalism that a national desk editor for AP would try to jump ship to Buzzfeed?

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    ‘I want to do to photojournalism what the Quiz and listicle have done to Lifestyle journalism.’

    Man, she must really, really hate photojournalism.

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    Just like your comment.

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    they may have a family and the hours might be more convenient? who knows.

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    What are you 4 years old?

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    shut up you ugly clown…

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    Trading AP for Buzzfeed?? I kind of get it after this mistake, Buzzfeed level person!