Rumor: Nikon’s D800/D800E Replacement is Coming in June


It looks like we have at least one major camera announcement to look forward to in June, courtesy of Nikon. According to Nikon Rumors, the followup to the popular D800/D800E DSLRs is set to arrive that month (NR is calling it the D800s), and there’s even a spec list to throw at you in the meantime.

The update, it seems, will be just that… an update. Like the D4s, the so-called D800s will be a minor upgrade that might not tempt many D800E owners to drop the cash.

Like the D800E, it will sport an AA-filterless 36MP sensor, only with better moire suppression software built in. It is also said to contain an Expeed 4 (or 4a) image processor, sRAW, improved shooting in low light, the same AF improvements as the D4s, 5fps continuous shooting (6fps with the battery grip), and a price somewhere around $3,000.

There’s also the mention of 4K video, but that is classified as “unlikely.”

Like the D4s, the D800s (if that's what it's actually called) would be more of a minor upgrade than a full-fledged overhaul.

Like the D4s, the D800s (if that’s what it’s actually called) would be more of a minor upgrade than a full-fledged overhaul.

The update will supposedly be announced by Nikon at the end of June, so there’s still a full month and a bit until we find out if these specs are accurate, but several sources have sent Nikon Rumors the same information, so chances look good.

As always, stay tuned and we’ll be sure to bring you updated info just as soon as it officially launches or unofficially leaks… whichever comes first.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Azety

    Haha 36MP. D600 is a joke, DF is a joke, D4 is perfect but too expansive, look like my D700 will be in my bag for one more year.

  • Gav

    That’s a bit under whelming…

  • Pickle

    So basically you’re too poor to upgrade your 7 year old camera and rather than accepting that or dealing with it, you immune your fragile self by saying the newer cameras which are better in every way than your D700 are jokes. You go ahead and enjoy your 12 MP’s with no video for as long as it makes you feel superior.

    By the way the D600 is discontinued and the D610 is a great camera. Maybe visit a Costco some time and get a $400 computer that can handle 36MP files.

  • OtterMatt

    Also, the word you’re thinking of is “expensive”. Of course, that’s assuming that you DON’T have a 5-foot wide D4 that you’re thinking of, because that would be pretty expansive.

  • Rendition Noit

    There’s no incentive to upgrade if you already have previous D800 line. Also, I’m perfectly fine with lugging the Pentax Q or epl5 :) otherwise I’ll take some X-ray 8×10 or 8×10 collodion

  • Patrick Downs

    I wanted the E (no AA filter) so this might be good for my 2nd 800 body. What is sRAW though … smaller RAW files? I wish the 800 did a 24mp RAW too (using binned pixels or whatever), as I don’t always want/need 36mp, but prefer the 800’s pro body to the D610.

  • Scott M.

    I am looking forward to buying this one as soon as possible. I will keep my plain old D800 as a backup. 6FPS (w/grip) at full 14bit raw will be a great upgrade from 4. Also the new focus system has 4 center points. And Exspeed4a. I hope this means 8FPS in 1.2 ratio.

  • wilmark johnatty

    Like the D610 was a MINOR replacement?

  • Tiktian C

    YES! Lower “old” d800/e prices!

  • Niall Hastie

    So, does this qualify as a new updated model, or is it actually replacing the D800 / E in the range ?

  • Ron

    So Pickle, the more MPs the better you are as a photographer?? I have a D700 (which i trust more than any D600 or D610) as well as a Phase One backed Blad that blows the D800 out of the water and you’re just embarrassing yourself and you should learn that a $50K kit won’t make you a better photograph.

    Then again you probably own a point and shoot and think that the camera does the shooting lol. Oh and as for video who cares, i’m a photographer and if i want to do some cinematography i’ll buy a RED system, something YOU’d be too poor to get.

    You do know that museums all over the world are full of less than 5 MPs shots right?

  • Azety

    What if i told you that D610 is the same as D600 but no sensor-dust problem, and i dont feel superior with 12 MP, just comfortable.

    For the money, i prefer to use it to travel than to buy gear.
    But YOU seems to feel superior, and thats good for you :)

  • Azety

    i forgot to speak about the video. Because i dont care about it.
    i use a fuji X10 to do some videos, and its enough. ive tried videos with my 35 1.4 sigma on a D800 and D4, it was fun but i dont need video.

  • Steve

    Yeah, cool story! Go Uncle Brandon!!!!! Woot!

  • JustFedUp86

    I don’t know what Nikon was thinking with the D800, other than assuming there was a market for people who print to posters or use cropping in lieu of zooming in. I don’t use video and really needed a new model that had better high ISO performance and a higher frame rate than my D700, which is now about 20K frames past the shutter’s service life. The D800 seems to have better colors/ISO for the night shoots I do, but at the trade off the file sizes are enormous, making my memory cards effectively half what I can do now.

    They should have put out essentially a feature reduced D4, as it is the closest things I can look at is either the Df or the D600–if you can be bothered to clean the sensor some real bargains can be had on those. Both have other trade offs, but Nikon doesn’t see to be listening to event photographers who can’t afford a full on D4.

  • David Portass

    Agreed, love the D600 but I have been looking at a D800 for the better focussing capability. The D800s really interest me mostly for the sRAW feature which if my maths is correct will give a 9mp file which would have in theory less noise (at least some of my Canon shooter friends say their MRAWs and SRAWs are slightly cleaner, i assume the processor does some noise reduction when reducing the image) and with the rumoured extra stop of native low light performance should make it an excellent low light event camera, also 6fps at 36mp is awesome (really hope faster with sRAW)

  • Patrick Downs

    I wonder why they’re doing sRAW instead of mRAW? I just want something a little smaller! 16-24mp…

  • Oj0

    If I’m not mistaken, the D800 is the dynamic range and colour range (bits) king, besting the likes of the D4s and 1D X.

  • reallyrosser

    Looks like I’ll stick with my trusty D70 till a good replacement comes out.

  • AD

    For me neither D600/D610 or DF can be an upgrade over D700. and that is because of their inferior AF system, and all AF points squeezed in the middle of the frame. Waiting for Nikon camera with AF like in D700.

  • tjholowaychuk

    I have a DF and a D800, and prefer the DF to be honest..

  • Azety

    Tell me why please.
    im thinking about the DF to go with my D700.
    Cause D600 is not really strong enough to travel, and D800 got too much pixels.
    And SD slot look very nice for travelling with a laptop.

  • tjholowaychuk

    For me the DF just feels more enjoyable to shoot, megapixel-wise I’m pretty impartial, having 36 is pretty nice for landscape shots but it’s not a huge deal, 16 is plenty though. The DF feels more robust, I’ve done a bit of low-light with the D800 but it doesn’t feel on par there at all compared to the DF. It’s hard to describe, for a non-pro I definitely think the DF is plenty to shoot with and easily the best camera I’ve ever shot from a build quality stand-point.

    I have a D610 as well, it’s nice but I’d choose the DF hands down. I don’t notice the D800’s AF being much better than the DF either really

  • Azety

    Well, tell me wich camera you dont own, its going to be faster ^^

  • Korios

    You can use half the pixels of D800 if you like, use it in 16 mpixel mode, like the D4.

  • Azety

    i didnt know ( or remember ) that Korios.
    Can you tell me more please ?

  • Niagara Mike

    I own both the D700 and the D800 and take images with both regularly. I prefer the D800 for so many reasons including the much higher resolution in my bird photography and the ability to use it as a crop sensor camera at times when the birds are far away and still get high resolution shots. My photos HAVE improved since I got the D800. RESOLUTION is key in bird photography.

  • guest who knows

    Ron, I own a RED Epic-X, and I’m waiting for that e-mail from RED letting me know when to send the camera in for the Dragon Upgrade.
    My advice to you… my advise to anyone thinking about purchasing a professional Digital Cinema Camera… Don’t buy a RED.

  • Ron

    That was just to make a point… I’d chose a RED before a DSLR but then again if i had the cash it would be an Alexa system all the way :-)

  • Alan Klughammer

    ANY camera, well used, can help create great photographs. Only get a replacement if you need something the new camera has that your old one cannot do.
    On the flip side, most new cameras have much better overall image quality than cameras from several years ago. An upgrade will give you more resolution, more dynamic range, and arguably better colour reproduction.

  • Evan

    Set it to DX mode.

  • Peter “Pots”

    Why is everyone that responses to these news updates so negative. It is a great camera and will be even better. Cameras do not make a great photographer but it sure does help. More megapixels do help make a better print if one knows what they are doing, so why don’t we leave it at that.

  • Chris

    Not arguably in the case of the D70; that camera was notoriously poor in its noise control, as well as being much more susceptible to red noise channel data being lost.

  • Raj

    You don’t know what you are saying. I had the D700 and once I started shooting with the D800, I could tell immediately that I was using a technologically improved machine. It is more moody, I will give you that. However, it focuses better, far better dynamic range, beautiful night colors as you said, the ISO low light performance is much better when downsized. The D700 is more reliable in an event scenario. However, I have overcome this by shooting in JPEG Fine at 25MP, which is more than I need. I use Raw for my portrait shots or big money shots. The D800 is an amazing camera at its price point, it is a gift to budget pros.

  • Michael Weaver

    I have a D800, D700 and D3s. I use them all. The D700 has the same sensor as a D3.. which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s great with 8 fps if you have battery grip and are doing anything for publication.. not quite as fast or as good as the sensor in the D3s.. but really good. Why do I still use the D3s? It’s not enough bang to jump for the D4 or maybe even the D4s yet. No one has ever complained about the images done at 12 mp.. so is 16 really going to create more income? Probably not.

    The D800 is a great piece of hardware IF.. and that is a big IF you have good enough glass and technique to squeeze out what it has the capability to do. It’s great as a crop sensor body if you want to reach out and get 50% more focal length with half the pixels. BUT, you still have to watch your technique or the sensor is not going to be your friend. Will I get the upgraded D800? Probably not unless it’s going to bring something to the table to pay for itself. I doubt that’s going to be the case.

    Some of the newer lenses will help you squeeze the last bit of good out of a D800 if they have VR and are the ones recognized as being the best of the best in the Nikon lineup. The Sigma 35 f1.4 is great on it. The 20 f1.8.. not so much. 17-35 Nikkor not so great either. 70-200 f2.8 VRII is great but still subject to loss of sharpness due to movement no matter how much the VR helps.

    Most all of the newer bodies have certain things that are real upgrades from previous models but the decision to buy one comes down to money and is it going to pay you back in some way. Incremental steps generally are not a payback. The leap to a D4 from a D3s isn’t much for the work I do. The D800 is a huge step up in certain aspects from D3s but has required obtaining new glass to utilize the sensor to the fullest.

    I started working in the early 70’s for newspapers when 5 fps was blistering fast. Acufine and Diafine with TX or 2475 Recording film was used in low light to a max of about 6400 ASA with little color other than weekly publications. You, if you can imagine this, had to follow your subject and focus manually! Not sure if the keeper ratio is actually higher today.. just more frames of whatever it is. I find that using the D800 is much like using my Leica rangefinder equipment. You tend to think about things more and the keeper ratio is higher than what I get with the D3s.

    So.. I suppose that for some a new D800s or x or whatever it will be is a step that is more than incremental and will increase revenue or they have money to burn. In my opinion it’s as simple as that. If one was handed to me I’d certainly use it but I’m not sure I’d spring for one with my own cash.

  • Azety

    Thank you for passing by.
    Question : do you compress pictures ?
    or 25MO jpeg is maximum weight ?
    i have a D700 and love it, but im thinking of D800 or Df.

  • Raj

    Sorry for the late reply. JPEG FIne Setting, There is always compression for JPEG. Optimum quality is the compression setting i use. Also it appears to be 20.3MP not 25MP. This is the Medium setting. I still provides more than enough resolution for cropping which is important for on the run shots during events. At this setting, I get incredible detail, almost unlimited buffer, great colors and still good dynamic range but of course, not like the RAW files. When I shoot the bridal portraits I go completely lossless format. Still growing with the camera. I have used raw to shoot with but it locks up in those moments when you need to fire off many shots…so I leave the RAW setting for my more deliberate shots like portraits.