Today Only: Get Zoner Photo Studio, a $90 Lightroom Alternative, for Free!


It’s tough for photo editing and management suites to woo users away from the comfort and familiarity of Lightroom, but as it turns out, that can be a great thing for you! Case in point: check out today’s deal/giveaway of Lightroom Alternative Zoner Photo Studio 15 PRO.

The giveaway is being done in collaboration with CNET, whose editors rate the product very well and have a lot of great things to say about it.

In the pros column, they cite a toolset that surpasses Lightroom, putting it somewhere between that program and Adobe Photoshop, advanced photo managing capabilities, social integration, high-quality output and a price of only $90.

But that last point gets a whole lot better today because the competitive price is now down to zero dollars for 15 PRO and $35 (60% off) if you chose to upgrade to 16 PRO with its new Quick Edit pane, Google Maps integration, Compare Photo mode and faster RAW/JPEG management.

To learn more about Zoner Photo Studio, head over to CNET or click here to take advantage of the deal and grab your free copy.

(via CanonWatch)

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    by watching the video, it looks like more steps to do basic things. Think I´ll stick to Lightroom.

  • Kate

    not for mac, just windows

  • pgb0517

    Too bad I wasted time on the article and video before discovering it’s not a Mac product. You should have put that in your article.

  • Herbert Graf

    No Mac version? Is this company serious about competing with LR or Aperture? Cause they choose the wrong OS if they did…

  • Miguel A. Almanza

    [reads all the other comments] I’m not here to whine about no version for Mac. Thanks! ;)

  • Ed Krisiak

    Free is a GREAT price… No Mac no problem for me;)

  • Monochrome Eye

    !!!Be careful. I downloaded the file at work and got a virus alert from the IT desk!

  • Mike

    The exposure sliders produce awful results both in raw and editor modes, can’t pull anything from the highlights in raw files without destroying detail. Weird.

  • David Cecchinato

    It made me install for free the basic version, then gave me the chance to go pro for 19 dollars….don’t call that free :-(

  • sergekhm

    Installed Pro version, although the website does say “Full PRO version free for 30 days.” Pop ups keep asking to register for $19. Not entirely free after all.

  • Vicherek

    The alert is caused by the size of the installation file – 1MB. The setup downloads the full installer, that is why some (only few) antivirus softwares show the alert.
    Don’t mind the alert, CNET is the biggest download site there is and it’s CNET’s deal!

  • GeniusUnleashed

    It’s not whining to wonder why a photo app that’s trying to compete with LR isn’t made for the OS that MOST photographers use.

  • Kurnia Lim

    well windows world market is about 85-90%, rest are mac, linux, others.. from business perspective, you want to target 85-90% market first or 10-15%?? Wrong OS? LMFAO

  • Kiltedbear

    Bologna. Show me where MOST photographers use MAC. I don’t believe it simply because of the market penetration of Windows. When I watch pro photographers showing their workflow in videos online, most I see are using Windows. I worked as a web and graphic designer in WINDOWS for years. There is NO advantage to MAC over Windows for any design work and the design software is IDENTICAL. The only hurdle is font compatibility which can be overcome by rasterizing or making outlines out of the text, but short of watermarks and signatures, who needs text in photos and I am so over hearing MAC boys talk like this…

  • Scott Wuerch

    If you call anyone who uses a camera (including phone cameras) a “photographer” you may be correct, but limit it to people who make all or some of their living in photography and I am confident your numbers may move a bit. Of the 8 pro photogs I spend time with 7 of us are Mac platform exclusively…one uses both platforms (Mac computers, Windows tablet). The one fully Windows-based photographer that I knew died last year (goes to show you what will happen if you use Windows for photography).

  • GeniusUnleashed

    This is obviously a REALLY sore spot for you, so maybe we just shouldn’t talk about it.

  • WVMikeP

    Mac isn’t an acronym.

    Instant loss of credibility.

  • Kiltedbear

    Your definition completely negates hobbyists. So unless you make money from selling your photos, you aren’t a photographer in your definition? Also, if you have only known one “photographer” that used Windows, then you need to widen your circle a bit. Equating Windows to killing him is just pure disrespect for him. How can you even do that? Low…

  • Kiltedbear

    Who said I said it was an acronym? I was using capitalization for punctuation.

  • Kiltedbear

    It’s a sore spot yes, because of jerks like you behaving the way you behave and making statements the way you just did with absolutely no factual bearing, speaking it as if it’s the truth. Have a shrine to Jobs yet in your house?

  • Scott Wuerch

    Kiltedbear. Feeling a bit inferior and needing to lash out are we?

    Think about the two extremes we both just mentioned, pro’s and hobbyists. Of the two groups, which is most likely to spend more on equipment better suited for their needs and which is more likely to make purchasing decisions based on usability and price? I don’t spend $3000 on a camera body because I can. I spend it because that camera better suits my needs and will put up with the abuse that I am going to give it. A $400 camera would be just so much junk after a month of me using it. As a hobbyist spending $2000 for a computer to process my pictures would be ludicrous. As a pro, I buy a computer that has the ability to do what I need for a long time. As an example this is being typed on my 2006 Mac laptop, my previous desktop (a G5 Mac Pro) I purchased in 2003 and retired in 2013 when I bought a new mac pro. Know any windows owners still processing full-frame images using a full version of photoshop on a 10 year old desk top? In that time I have had ONE failure and the machine warned me about the impending failure in time to back up the hard drive and replace it without losing a single bit of data. I did not once have to reload the operating system, see a blue screen of death, or have to hard boot my machine because it just decided to freeze up (all of which I have had to do on windows machines in the few years I owned them). My system never lost a driver, or required me to add more RAM in order to continue operating. I pay more because I trust the hardware and the software to consistently perform over the long run.

    Now on to your judgmental comments about dissing my friend. He would have laughed his a** off at that comment, and his wife did. If you’ve never had a friendship where you disagree about some things, tease each other, and still maintain a close friendship then you, sir, (and I use that term VERY loosely) are the one who need to get out from in front of your computer and find some human interface. Far from disrespecting him, I was honoring him and his memory with something you apparently are challenged with…humor (that’s where people say funny things just to make people laugh).

  • Scott Wuerch

    And you, Kiltedbear, have done nothing but provide rational dissertation fully supported by proven facts. You’re in over your head. I suggest slowing backing away from the computer before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

  • GeniusUnleashed

    Hold on everyone, let’s give him a chance to defend his statements. How many working professional photographers that you know, whose income is earned solely from photography, work off of a Window’s based machine? Those are the people I was referring to.

  • Scott Wuerch

    Genius…he’ll never do it. His only defense of his statements so far has been name-calling and personal attacks on anyone who questions his “expertise.” or doesn’t believe as he does. Not just here, but throughout Discus (clicking on his screen name will bring up all posts by a user). Waiting for him to provide a rational defense of his statements will be like waiting up all night for the Easter Bunny. :-)

  • pincherio

    You pay 19 bucks for the Pro version. The regular version is free…unless you consider putting up with the pop ups as the cost of using this app. They’re also pimping the latest version for $89 bucks. Are you gonna buy that too and complain about it not being free?

  • GeniusUnleashed

    Even trolls need a hug and an open ear :)

  • Jeffrey Friedl

    Just to inject a bit of actual data, registrations for my Lightroom plugins over the last 12 months have been from the following folks: 50% Windows, 48% Mac, 2% both. (This measures the people, not the plugins)

    The data for the previous 12 months, BTW, was 53% Windows, 45% Mac, 2% both.

    None of this may be relevant to one’s idea of “photographers” and target demographics, but there it is.

  • GeniusUnleashed

    I don’t doubt that the majority of amatuer and hobbyist photographers use Window’s machines for the sole purpose that their market share is over 5x’s larger.