Funny Music Video Tells You to Turn Your Phone 90º… Or Else

Author note: There is some NSFW language and violence in this video, might want to save it for home.

We’ve all seen our fair share of funny public service announcements extolling the virtues of turning your freaking phone so that you don’t shoot vertical video, but this PSA takes it a step further… in a musical, violent, shoot-horizontal-video-or-we’ll-hurt-you sort of way.

The two minute video starts off quite nicely, before quickly spiraling into a vertical video shooter’s worst nightmare. Give it a watch and be prepared for a laugh.

(via Photofocus)

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  • Smarten_Up

    I, for one, LIKE vertical videos, always hated that dictatorial part of motion pictures, you being a slave to the format. CROP as you will.

    And remember to take more vertical stills too–or maybe cell cams have made that happen? Maybe we need to remember to take landscape format? And please do some post-processing–almost every pic is improved by a bit…

  • Stilje

    I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about when so much content is accessed on phones and tablets who cares what orientation your seven second video of a dog farting on Facebook is in?

  • Mako

    Well then give us a wider lens … otherwise … think magazine cover

  • David Guerra

    But many monitors can indeed be rotated, and even those that aren’t designed for it like mine, can be rotated too anyway, like I have done to better watch vertical photos or high resolution pdf pages. The more obnoxious consequence of shooting video vertically however, is the drastic loss of resolution when it is shared through online video players. But since videos from these players are often not seen in full screen, there is another possibility. Why not make online video players enable vertical video instead? It’s good to warn people that their phone cameras shoot horizontally, not vertically, but it would perhaps be even more worthwhile to put pressure on YouTube and others to allow the vertical format by giving more resolution to the vertical dimension of their video windows, extending them to where the comments usually are on YouTube for example, maybe leaving them on the side instead. And if you turned your monitor, you would be able to see the video in portrait mode and full screen.

  • Jason Yuen

    Because your eyes and field of view are left right. Not top bottom.

  • Adrian S

    You clearly don’t have a smartphone. If you find a vertical video on Youtube App and try to watch it you can’t view it full screen on a mobile device. I’m not sure who encodes videos, but all vertical videos have black on the sides. Even if Youtube might find a fix for this, there will be a lot of other players that will not work and you still can’t rotated a TV mounted on a wall.

    So the most important part is that you can’t share a video, because you shoot it without thinking. Some need a reminder for this.

  • Stilje

    You clearly didn’t understand what I wrote. I do have a smartphone, but my point was that everyone that doesn’t understand the need to rotate the phone clearly won’t be making award winning videos for consumption on a TV.

    With sales of PC’s and Laptops in decline and the rise of tablets and smartphones, it’s fair to say that many many people access these videos and websites on their phones/tablets which are held vertical and seen no problems with videos shot in that format. I for one have not noticed the problems with YouTube that you mention.

    The people who this video is aimed at are the ones taking videos of their cat sleeping or kids playing and only want to share it via Facebook or other social media for their friends and family to see and do not have the faintest understanding of the problems associated with shooting vertical videos.

    They can and do share the videos they make (again – Facebook primarily I would guess), if they didn’t then the creators of this video would not have felt the need to make it in the first place!

  • Adrian S

    Sorry, I didn’t understand you clearly, and I just got stuck on the technical details.

    What I was trying to point out is that you can’t actually see a shared video on a mobile device if black sides were added to the video. Even if you hold your device vertical, video will shrink to fit the screen, and you will just see a small vertical video. Unless someone shares the original video file, you can’t view vertical videos on a mobile device in full screen.

  • Adrian S

    Nobody likes a vertical video. Would you go to the cinema to see a vertical film?

    There are rules and they need to know them. They are not artists, and they should not start breaking all the rules.

  • Stilje

    Really? I don’t have any problems viewing a vertical video fullscreen without black bars on my phone or tablet.

  • hoovdaddy

    We in the video world call this VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome). The problem comes when I have a client who wants to use some crappy cellphone video that was shot vertical. the video looks like crap to begin with and it’s made crappier by the person shooting the video’s choice of orientation. Just say no to VVS.

  • Smarten_Up

    If you are making pictures–whether still or motion–you are an artist.
    Maybe it is time to “think different?”

  • David Guerra

    That is why wider than tall is the norm. Neverthless, vertically oriented photos and videos are shot, whether you like it or not. And my suggestion seems like a better option than forbidding their viewing or awkwardly trying to fit them inside thin horizontal strips.

  • Jason Yuen

    That’s like saying you wear your left shoe on your right foot and vice versa because it’s possible and you’re suggesting that Adidas should start designing shoes specifically for this purpose. No one says you’re wrong, but are you really comfortable doing that? If so, then by all means knock your socks off (pun may or may not be intended). In this case, if you’re uploading a video on Youtube, you want more viewers, so it’s logical to post something that is not hard on the eyes.

  • David Guerra

    All this talk has inspired me to go shoot some vertical videos and watch them on my vertical screen. But don’t worry, I won’t share them online.