Creative ‘Selfies from Nature’ Ads Feature Animals Snapping Mirror Selfies


Brazilian stock photo agency Diomedia recently found themselves in need of a creative advertising campaign. They were debuting a National Geographic Collection, and they needed to share this news in a way that would resonate with today’s culture.

What they came up with is a creative and fun campaign featuring (what else?) the almighty selfie.

Created in part by Art Director Silvio Medeiros of Cargo Collective, #thebestfromnature ads are the result of two months worth of planning, shooting and post-processing.

What began as drawings:




Turned into the final ads after some serious retouching:

The print ads are meant, according to Medeiros, “to show people that even during ‘selfies’ and ‘instagram’ fever, decent images can still be produced.” The final images feature the slogan:

There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there. National Geographic Collection. The best of nature images are here.






The print ads are also joined by an Instagram campaign through Diomedia’s account, where you can find a few more animal selfies and cropped, sloganless versions of the images above:

To learn more about this campaign, see more images, or follow along as Diomedia adds more animal selfies, head over to Medeiros’ website and Behance, or give Diomedia an Instagram follow by clicking here.

(via Fubiz)

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of Silvio Medeiros and Diomedia

  • Harley Barrozo

    i love them all! haha!

  • jaakewilson

    half of the koala bear’s ear is gone

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