Feast Your Eyes on This Year’s Sony World Photography Award Winners

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

The World Photography Organisation has officially announced the winners from all 14 of the categories of the Sony World Photography Awards. From 140,000 photographers across 166 countries, 14 photographers’ works have been chosen as some of the greatest imagery captured this past year.

Most notable is the prestigious L’Iris d’Or/Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year award, which was unanimously awarded to Sara Naomi Lewkowicz for her intense photo essay of domestic violence, which actually managed to draw a great deal of unnecessary criticism after publishing.

Also worth mentioning (but not pictured) are the works from three other awards being mentioned at the gala ceremony in London this month: Open Photographer of the Year, Student Focus Photographer of the Year, and the controversial category Youth Photographer of the Year.

Below are a collection of photographs from the 14 winners, with their respective series and categories linked in the caption:


Portraiture – Sophie Gamand, France

Guy Martin

Current Affairs – Guy Martin, UK

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Contemporary Issues – Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, US


Sport – Salvatore Di Gregorio, Italy

Ludovic Maillard

Architecture  – Ludovic Maillard, France

Arts and Culture – Viviana Peretti, Italy

Arts and Culture – Viviana Peretti, Italy


Still Life – Amanda Harman, UK

Spencer Murphy

Campaign – Spencer Murphy, UK


People – Mario Wezel, Germany

Michael Nichols

Nature & Wildlife – Michael Nichols, US

Roei Greenberg

Landscape – Roei Greenberg, Israel

Myriam Meloni

Lifestyle – Myriam Meloni, Italy

Thomas Brummett

Conceptual – Thomas Brummett, US


Travel – Ricardo Teles, Brazil

To learn more about each of the winners shown above, head over to the Sony World Photography Awards gallery by clicking here.

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Image credits: Photographs by respective photographers courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards

  • Adam Cross

    highly underwhelming apart from Viviana Peretti

  • Jason Muspratt

    That Architecture photo is um… it’s something…

  • dave

    These are just awful

  • Jonathan Maniago

    “From 140,000 photographers across 166 countries, 14 photographers’ works
    have been chosen as some of the greatest imagery captured this past

    Can’t say that the judges had a limited pool to choose from.

    Given that many contests require that the image hasn’t been submitted to any other competition, I suppose that some photographers would consider the Sony World Photography Awards as a wasted opportunity.

  • Justin Sheely

    Maybe you should look at the galleries before passing judgement so quickly.

  • harumph

    Gorgeous photos.

  • zdroberts

    Yeah… I mean if I was a senior in my high school photo class I’d probably get a decent grade.

  • gnbs

    I don’t think so. Have you actually seen the galleries? Fantastic images. Photos shown here are out of context.

  • Muneeb Afzal

    may be you should stick to 500px top page photos of girls and other oversopped craps

  • Cinekpol

    Landscape photo is funny. I got dozens of shots like that on my HDD, don’t even bother showing them to anyone, cause their value is mostly in memories I had from the trips where I took it… stupid me – should have start sending them to the competitions… all these glorious titles that I missed…. ;)

  • Oj0

    I’m surprised… The following is MY opinion, don’t hate me for it.

    Portraiture – interesting hair-do, but a very simple photograph
    Current Affairs – should’ve used a lens hood
    Contemporary Issues – a bit too dark, but also rather boring
    Sport – Interesting picture, looks like a painting or clay model
    Architecture – the contrast is far too harsh, it should’ve been far softer with localized contrast done with exposure brushes/dodge and burn
    Arts and Culture – I like this one a lot, I’d hang it on my wall
    Still Life – Incredibly boring and I don’t like that green
    Campaign – It’s a person; nothing more, nothing less
    People – This does even less for me than Campaign
    Nature & Wildlife – Not bad, but the lion is too bright
    Landscape – Leading lines and trees, but nothing worth a second look
    Lifestyle – A nice 1970s feel, but that carpet is distracting – there should either be more of it or remove it altogether
    Conceptual – As with modern art, I don’t understand this
    Travel – I like this one; I wouldn’t hang it on a wall but I do like it

    Please don’t blast me for my opinion and ask if I can do better – I just don’t see these as award winning.

  • foto maniacu

    is evident that we are witnessing a joke sony’s money or a tragic comedy … an unpardonable quality images garnered. Sad, very sad.

  • uaio


  • Matt

    Are these random samples from the entries? The current affaris one is interesting, but the flare detracts. The contemorary issues one is just awlful IMO.

  • Oj0

    They’re the WINNERS. Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

  • kirsten863

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