Rumor: Sigma to Announce 24mm f/1.4 Art Series Lens at Photokina


To put it lightly, Sigma’s Art line has been a massive success — especially now that the impressive 50mm f/1.4 has joined its ranks — and it might be expanding even further before this year is out.

According to Photo Rumors, Sigma is planning to add a 24mm f/1.4 to the Art series in October, which likely means the announcement will drop in September at Photokina in Cologne, Germany.

Pricing is rumored to be higher than both the 50mm and 35mm Art lenses, which retail for $950 and $900, respectively. Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed if more details surface before the rumored announcement date.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Marius Batman Viken

    No! NOO!!!.. What they need to announce is the 85mm Art!!!!!

  • prosesawkwardly

    Time to get my street photography on!

  • DLCade

    Haha seeing as Zeiss is rumored to announce an 85mm Otus at Photokina, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sigma is already toying with the idea of releasing a competitor : )

  • Stephen

    Yeah, it’s an interesting decision to go with 24mm so early in the line. It makes a bit more sense if you calculate for crop sensors, but I would think the Art line would have been aimed primarily at full-frame performance. And in that context, 24mm seems like an odd choice to prioritize.

    Having f/1.4 is nice, but how often are you shooting wide open with 24mm? For me, at that focal range I feel like tilt-shift is a vastly more useful feature than a wider aperture. (Disclosure, I own Canon’s 24mm TS-E II.) Light is rarely a problem, and I’m likely to want more depth of field, not less.

  • CamCrunch

    They have a lovely 85mm currently available. I’m sure they’re going to try to fill the holes in their lineup first. However, I do agree. A 85mm Art would be <3

  • Lemon

    If coma is controlled it could be a great star photography lens. But I agree it’s probably a niche lens. Either way, keep them coming Sigma!

  • Lori Hoddinott

    is the art series for full frame ?

  • Toby Hawkins

    Been waiting for this since the first rumour. Now I ‘really’ hope it’s weather sealed, although I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Toby Hawkins

    Since they have a 35mm and 50mm now, I’d say 24mm is a pretty logical next step. 24mm is a great focal length, and at 1.4 is especially useful for things like night street scenes. I’m sure an 85mm won’t be far behind either though; but Sigma is trying to trounce Canon and Nikon right now, and Canon’s 85 1.2 will probably take a bit more r&d to beat than either companies (very good) 24mm.

  • Marius Batman Viken

    Have only hear good words about it and I was about to buy it last year, but then I heard that the art series was making it’s way so I’ve just been waiting patiently for them to announce the 85 art and buy that instead. Especially since the 50 was announced, but this is a downer..

  • Marius Batman Viken

    I’m 110% sure they will release it. The question is just when..

  • CamCrunch

    The 24mm is on my wish list so I’m actually excited! I’ve never gotten along with anything over 50mm.

  • Stephen

    I don’t think that’s a factor. The 50mm Art wasn’t filling a hole. The 50mm lens it replaced wasn’t especially old and it was exceptionally well reviewed and rated. The only reason anybody paid extra for the Canon L was that additional third-stop of light…and the new Sigma is f/1.4 just like the old Sigma, so apparently that wasn’t a concern.

  • Walker

    The 85mm 1.4 from sigma is still a newer version of the lens. They will be refreshing their oldest lenses (starting with the wider primes) and moving on from there. The 85 will probably be the last to be given the Art treatment alongside the 24-70

  • CamCrunch

    The older 50mm was 6 years old, which is old in Sigma years. The 85mm is 2 years newer. Regardless, I’m just pointing out that a 24mm makes sense for Simga to release. The 24mm 1.4 is one of the most sought after lens in any system, buy photojournalists, wedding photogs, portrait photogs, etc.

    As someone else pointed out, they might ride the wave and announce an 85mm after we get the 85mm for Zeiss.

  • mark

    There are Art series lenses for both full frame and crop. Sigma uses the designations DG for full frame and DC for crop sensors.

  • sinhtruong

    Not all lenses are. The 18-25 f/1.8 is the only one designed specifically not for FF.

  • Brandon Cawood

    85 would be nice!

  • SiriusPhotog


  • SiriusPhotog

    Canon’s 24mm 1.4 II is horrible wide open and WAY too expensive. I love the competition.

  • Zos Xavius

    What’s fascinating is that sigma is a real competitor to zeiss now. I don’t think anyone saw that coming 5 years ago.

  • Ben Moscona

    This will be a sweet astrophotography lens.

  • Ryan Richardson

    My first thoughts exactly. If it is as sharp as the others wide open this could quickly be on the short list for star photographers.

  • SY

    actually I’m very expect art series 70-200mm

  • Syuaip

    Damn Sigma! My wallet is now officially scared of you!

  • Bob

    Probably intended for the number of people (including me) who have been considering the Nikon 24/1.4 for some time, but were just afraid by the price. Should be a great lens for architecture and night street photography! It’s amazing how Sigma has turned its image in just a couple of years.

  • cos

    No it is not. I am waiting for the 24mm.

  • Alessio Michelini

    I’ve been waiting for this lens from ages!!!

  • cos

    I agree. I have sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens and looking forward to get the new 24mm art as well. Will skip 50mm however mainly because it is not in the same league with the 35mm lens in terms of CA and microcontrast. I have also tested Zeiss 21mm and 15mm lenses. For mt taste 15mm has too much edge distortion and 21mm is not sharp enough and has some issues with CA.
    Hope new sigma 24mm will match quality of the 35mm lens.

  • cos

    Yes, they are.

  • Scott

    What do you currently use for a 50mm? While the new one may not measure up to the 35mm it seems it bests most of the standard 50mms.

  • Scott

    I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s crazy that Sigma can develop and release all these well regarded lenses so quickly.

  • jon

    The reason Sigma is releasing a 24 instead of an 85 is because their flagship camera has an APS-C sized sensor. This will give SD1 (and whatever comes next) users the three most useful fields of view (a wide, a normal, and a portrait lens with the 35art, new 50art, and the rumored 24art). Kind of like their DP line with the 21, 30, and 50.

  • jon

    18-35/1.8, you mean. and its a very large lens for being a crop sensor lens.

  • Aaron M Grubb

    I will shoot at 1.4 a lot! regardless of focal length

  • Aaron M Grubb

    the 85 is great already. they need a 135 and a new, improved 24-70

  • Keith Dunlop

    I really wanted the 85mm f/1.4 Art to be next, but I’ll take the 24. Once they’re all out, the 24/35/85 Art lenses with my Canon 135mm f/2.0 L will a perfect kit.

  • solomonshv

    no one saw this coming 2 years ago

  • solomonshv

    “Art” is a designation Sigma uses for primes. standard zooms are designated as “Contemporary.” Super zooms Sigma calls “Sport.” Currently Sigma has a 120-300mm f/2.8 OS HSM “Sport” lens. just so you know, there weren’t any typos there. it has image stabilization, it is a constant 2.8 aperture and it has silent fast focus.

    and this lens is an absolute monster. it easily takes on canon’s 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II in the 120-200mm range. it costs $3,600 but it is worth every penny. If canon made this lens they would have charged at least $7000 for it.