NYPD Launches #myNYPD Photo Contest, Backfires as Badly as You Might Expect

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The NYPD should probably have stopped to think a second before they launched their #myNYPD photo contest on Twitter. Alas, they did not, and what transpired because of this lack of foresight is part social media frenzy and part PR fiasco.

Launched yesterday, the #myNYPD Twitter campaign was meant as a way for people to share happy photos of them with police officers. If they were good enough, the pics might even make it up on the department’s Facebook page. Everybody wins:


Except not everybody wins, and when it comes to police interaction, it’s not always positive. In fact, I’m struggling to think of a time that someone I know started a story with “I had a run in with the cops yesterday” and ended it with “and then we took a great group shot!”

The majority of the photos that have been posted to this hashtag have been of a negative nature. Some are funny, some are violent, some are tragic, but few are accomplishing what the NYPD set out to do with this campaign. Instead, we have healines like “Bash Tag:”

Here are a few of the other images that have gone up under the hashtag (you can see them all at this link):

Oh, and the movement is still picking up steam. Since I began writing this article (and I’m not a slow typer) 146 new tweets hashtagged #myNYPD have gone up… I’ll let you take a look for yourself to see if any of them would qualify as “good PR.”

(via CNET)

  • adam murphy

    That cop that shot the dog… what a disgrace to humanity. Utterly reprehensible

  • Adam Cross

    excellent response

  • Stan B.

    My longest, loudest laugh in a long, long time upon first hearing this yesterday. Made me feel human again to know people were still connecting the dots on some level…

    Reap what ya sow!

  • Frodo

    Any publicity, is good publicity

  • mary

    During a visit to NYC, I asked to take a photo of a couple of NYPD officers and they told me no. That was a few years ago though, before the social media self promotion craze. Maybe now they would agree to pose for a photo.

  • Vlad Dusil

    This reminds me of a few fashion week seasons back when a prominent NYC designer ran a twitter image feed (that was coupled to a particular hashtag) live on a massive screen backing the runway. The internets figured out to have some fun with it and flooded the feed with all sorts of naughty materials, including pigs fornicating and doggie red rockets.

    One would think that social media specialists would have learned by now that these types of campaigns are not productive, especially when you are dealing with polarizing or controversial figures or groups.

  • slyman

    that happens/ has happened a lot actually. i read one where they busted into the wrong house and shot a little girl a couple years ago.

  • MarkmBha


  • The_Michael

    This isn’t a PR fail but a failure to hire competent people to be police officers. Low IQ people given power and weapons with no consequences to their action never turns out good.

  • Mike

    Did you read the full investigation documents for all cases or are you always so quick to judge based on a photo?

  • harumph

    This clearly disproves that maxim.

  • dan110024

    Really? Generalising all police officers as low IQ people? The few I know are far from low IQ.

  • dan110024

    Those occupy people are still going? They just don’t shutup do they.

  • Stan B.

    When are the police going to arrest the bankers who laundered $850 million dollars for drug cartels? Lemme know…

  • eeed

    Give it about 3-5 years and tell us how sweet your brother is. It’s a tough job. But dealing with the worst things in a city will change a person and eventually…