Terry Richardson In Hot Water Again After Allegedly Offering Photoshoot for Sex


Back in the hot seat again is none other than photographer Terry Richardson, who is this time being called out on Twitter by model Emma Appleton for allegedly offering a Vogue photoshoot in exchange for sex.

As you can see a screenshoot of the alleged text message below, to say it’s sexual in nature is a slight understatement. The Facebook message, supposedly from Richardson, directly states that he would book Appleton for a NY shoot if she agreed to have sex with him:


However, in the never-ending back and forth game of allegations against Richardson, spokeswoman Candice Marks immediately dismissed this as a fake to BuzzFeed, stating “This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text.”

Appleton has since deleted the original tweet that contained the screen cap, as well as her Twitter account in general, stating she didn’t want to draw any extra “abuse or attention.”

A screen cap of two tweets posted by Appleton after sharing the initial screen cap (seen above).

A screen cap of two tweets posted by Appleton after sharing the initial screen cap (seen above).

These new allegations come just over a month after Richardson claimed the Charlotte Waters story and others that preceded and followed it were nothing more than an “emotionally charged witch hunt,” vaguely denying the claims.

Ultimately, there’s still no conclusive evidence to prove who the real victim of these cases is. But seeing as the Communications Director for Vogue U.S. told BuzzFeed that they “have no plans to work with [Richardson] in the future,” the accusations are certainly starting to take a toll on the photographer’s career.

(via BuzzFeed)

Image credits: Photograph and Screen Cap by Emma Appleton via Twitter

  • Pete

    Do you ever stay awake at night thinking about writing comments that go too far? Too far buddy, too far.

  • John Davids

    I reject the premise of “women should not be treated this way”. Treated how? You speak for all women? They have a collective psyche on how they would like to be treated now? The article and most of the comments make T.Richardson out to be this rapist who locked the door on this model and demanded sex before he would let her leave or something.

    Listen, he sent her an SMS asking for pussy in exchange for a job. She refused and will probably never work with him again. End of story. How exactly was the model mistreated? Furthermore, isn’t it quite arrogant of you to assume that 100% of women agree that sex should never be exchanged for services or goods? For every Emma Appleton, there are a thousand Jane (or John) Does who would prefer, neigh, LOVE to spread their legs in exchange for goods/services. They aren’t allowed to because some don’t like it? How is that fair?

    And if you want to get real for a brief second, lets call a spade a spade and admit the ONLY reason this is getting press is because it involves sex. Specifically a male propositioning a female for it. Had it been a female texting a male model asking for dick in exchange for a photo shoot, no one would care. If he had texted “Come over and mow my lawn for free and I will get you that Vogue shoot” again, no one would care.

    When he starts threatening force or to withhold payment for services rendered or any other, actual, offense give me a call. Until then, we are talking about two adults digitally communicating about sex and I will continue to give zero shits.

  • Stephen

    You certainly have a lot to say in this thread, for somebody who gives “zero shits.”

    Either way, your reading comprehension could use work. I didn’t assume anything about what “100% of women” may or may not agree. Those are your words, not mine. What I did was answer your query why some of us choose to speak up rather than quietly “let Terry Richardson’s superior worry about this.” The reason, as I said, is because some of us care how business is being conducted in the photography marketplace, and we care how magazines are being produced.

    That group of “we” does not, I would guess, include “100% of women.” That’s a separate group. If you have something to say about that group, so be it. At this point I think most of us can guess what that would be.

  • GIo04

    If this is news why isn’t every single gf and wife who hold out and trade sex for chores and other things being brought to daylight?

    So a Woman can dangle sex as something of trade but if a man ask for it upfront it’s magically some case? If you can reverse the roles and magically no one cares it’s sexist. And in this case a simple “No” is being blown out of proportion because society has deemed all women stupid and incapable of telling a man “no” because he asked for sex for his professional skills and time. Someone hurry and get the army because women are incapable of living in a world where they are forced to hear and react to things they don’t like!

    I bet you anything if she deemed this dude attractive, He was the Best, most famous and owned a 40 million Dollars a year salary she would of had no issue.

    Sexual Harassment is only harassment if you are not rich and attractive.

  • Jacqui Dee

    All of the evidence that he’s foul and unprofessional is online. You can find entire blogs of graphic images of him with models. Even if the models are consenting, who puts that all over the net? Who, in any other industry would keep their job if those photos were so easily accessible. Richardson’s infamy drives his fame.

  • John Davids

    “Do you believe women deserve to be treated this way?”

    plural form of woman.

    an adult human female.

    noun: qualifier; plural noun: qualifiers
    a word or phrase, esp. an adjective, used to attribute a quality to another word, esp. a noun.

    Instead of being cranky with me that you didn’t qualify the word “women” with anything (some, many, most, ones I know, etc), thereby meaning *ALL* women… perhaps you should focus on your ability to debate. Pro tip: starting off your post with character assassination flags even the most novice reader to a straw man and will erode even the most convincing of arguments.

  • Stephen

    Your ability to copy and paste doesn’t mitigate your lack of reading comprehension. In this instance, rather, it’s compounding. See that first line you quoted? Notice its punctuation? I didn’t make any statement about “100% of women.” I asked you a question.

    And although you took the roundabout way, I’d submit that you’ve more or less answered it.

  • John Davids

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh rolling on the floor over here. Thank you for conceding via ignorance.

    “But! but! but! i totally didn’t say 100%! The fact that it was a question changes the meaning of the word women!”


  • Rob Elliott

    The biggest issue is the behaviour of his “fans” the fact that they abuse and attack/troll/bully people this way actually support the allegations against him… as it shows a pattern of behaviour of those he associates with.

  • Tyler Magee

    This isnt anything new people….. Terry askes models for sexual favor’s all the time I remember just last year he made a girl give him a blow job and he was in hot water and it feel off the face of the earth as will this….

  • OtterMatt

    You must not be familiar with the legal precedent that states that when someone uses their position of authority to extort sex from someone, that’s rape, whether the victim actually says no or not. So, yes, it seems I do. You seem to think it’s fine to let jumped-up jackasses like this guy extort, demean, and minimize women into mere playthings for his addictions without a word against him. Frankly, that sickens me.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Search for “Terry Richardson Porn” on google images and you will see that whether he did this or not hardly matters.

  • ugh

    Ok so to double-down, I’ll take pictures of you in a Wal*Mart parking lot, in return for ..

  • your mom

    yeah im not sure why this is a problem… its a casting couch… you either sit and wait for call backs or you skip to front of line and jumpstart your career… some ppl are hungrier for it and those are always the ones that will get ahead of you in life… now she can go back to being a model on instagram w/ her selfies

  • Fernando Callo

    Actually, I posted this on the morning since I live in South America. About my comment, it’s my opinion, this guy is just disgusting for society and the only way to make a better world is killing people who doesn’t contribute anything to it, It’s radical I know, but true.

  • Human race

    Why don’t you start by killing yourself? If you think murdering other people is a solution to the world’s problems then your are part of the problem to begin with. Have some sense of scale FFS, TR is a scumbag for sure but in the end he’s only a photographer not a freaking dictator.

  • EJC

    “right. she said no. end of story. thus, why is this news.”

    Contact PetaPixel directly then.

  • Mocksoup

    You visit men’s rights forums frequently, don’t you?

  • snapshot1

    His career is so not on the line. Terry made $58 million between June 2012 and June 2013 after years of allegations. This guy’s career will never end until he gets caught with an underage model – he will always beat a rape allegation.

  • tarena1991

    there are thousands of photographers who aren’t sexual predators that can make Terry’s photos …yet magazines continue to hire him? his lighting set up is elementary at best and his idea of “getting to know his models” is having sex with them and doing a few lines of coke…. he’s hardly someone worth defending.

  • who cares

    look, she could have set up anyone’s number in her address book to read Richardson’s name. I’m not saying that’s what she did but people… think before you post anything hateful. We DO NOT KNOW the truth in the matter…. and most likely never will They only way to prove he sent that is to have his phone records subpoenaed by a court of law. That the ONLY way to prove or disprove this allegation. Every text message you send is save on your networks system computers… everyone!

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  • Alex Masters

    The message was sent via FB messenger. Does no one think it’s just a little suspect she capped it the second it came in without actually seeing who/what the account was tied to?

  • Kaybee

    Offering sex for goods? That’s where the sick mind comes. What is amazing here is you talk about sex as if it compensates instead of money. If Sex can be bartered this way, the world will be in chaos without any moral values.

    Sexual propositions between two consenting adults? This is not even a mutual thing. He is misusing his power and asking her to have sex with him for his own gain. He is misusing his power and exploiting her rights by all means and cornering her. If she was too desperate then maybe she would have agreed but again it doesn’t make it consensual or any right. Wrong starts from here. It is corruption. Nothing can justify it. People supporting this person needs to get their life’s values reassessed.

  • John Davids

    “If Sex can be bartered this way, the world will be in chaos without any moral values.”

    Why exactly? Oh right, because your wizard friend in the sky tells you that sex is a big no-no and should never be talked about or used in any way other than pure procreation.

    Your 16th century views are charming.